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Defrocked reverend’s views conflict with Christian, Muslim faiths

In a day and age when there is a lot of obvious contrast between Christianity and Islam, I was rather surprised to come across a recent CNN news story about an ordained Episcopal priest who was defrocked for openly confessing that she is a practicing Muslim and a Christian.

As a religion major, I could not help but see some inconsistencies with the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding's position on her faith.

Speech against homosexuality should not be censored

There has been considerable debate in recent years about what is considered hate speech regarding homosexuality.

A recent Ad Council public service announcement uses Wanda Sykes to try and deter the use of "that's so gay" among teens.

In a March 19 article in Pink News, Europe's largest gay news service, Rowan Atkinson, of Mr. Bean fame, said he appeared before Britain's House of Lords to protest the removal of a free speech clause in a homophobic hatred offense.

Modesty a nod to women’s liberation

Often times, when I am on campus, I cannot help but wonder if some of the young women are making their way to class or to the club. But before I get myself in too deep and offend someone, I should say that I do not take for granted how far we have come in a society that for decades oppressed women.

In fact, drawing attention to this less-than-modest trend is in honor of that great struggle, not in contention with it.

University doesn’t reflect the C in TCU

It was bound to come out sooner or later, but the issue of the word Christian in the name of our university has eaten at me for quite some time.

Riding in the elevator, I hear the Lord's name taken in vain. In the library, I can hear the f-word ring out while some other kids are talking about popping Adderall to help them stay awake long enough to cram for exams. Looking at some of the attitudes on campus, one has to wonder what the significance is in attending a "Christian" university.

Britney single a reflection of society’s immorality

The English author G.K. Chesterton once said, "art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere." This quip echoed through the chasms of my mind when I heard about Britney Spears' controversial single "If U Seek Amy." For those who are not quite as hip as me, it phonetically spells out the F-word in sequence with 'me.'

So, where do we draw the line? I would hardly define this as art, but beyond that it clearly exemplifies Spears' moral compass.

Proposed abortion law attests to loose morals

This month marks the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and keeping with that momentum, one of the first things President Barack Obama has...

Obama’s commitment to his faith unconvincing

As we find ourselves on the eve of a new presidency, I am reminded of how important it was to Americans for each candidate to establish his or her religion during the primaries.

President-elect Obama struggled throughout the campaign with rumors that he was a Muslim. When this turned out to be unfounded, the religious liberal left, confident that Obama's Christianity was as solid as theirs, were off to the voting booths.

We are now left to wonder though, how much his Christianity will be an evident guiding factor in his decisions during the next four years.

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