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Economy leaves nursing graduates in tough job market

Senior nursing major Diana Singer said nursing has always been a "cutthroat major." Because of the recent downturn in the economy, however, Singer said...

Punk trio Here Holy Spain hits all the right notes with...

Despite being a skate-punk band, Here Holy Spain has a lot to offer first-time listeners of their album "Manic".

While the band compares itself to the Alkaline Trio and local legends the Toadies, the sound is closer to alternative rock icons Nirvana. The acid rock sound of loosely strummed power chords and the pounding rhythms of the percussion bring to mind a punk-powered Kurt Cobain.

Elkhart’s minimalist debut album monotonous

Jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker once said, "Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your own wisdom." Parker's music recreates his experiences, thoughts and wisdom for the listener.

The same is not true for jangly dream-pop band Elkhart, whose contemporaries like Mazzy Star and Low with their minimalistic songs straddle the line between ambience and boring the audience.

"The Moon," Elkhart's debut album, misses the band's clear intent to exude memories of house and home.

Admissions upholds legacy preference

The dean of admissions defended legacy admission despite a legal analysis recently published that argues legacy preferences at colleges and universities are illegal.

The analysis published in the Santa Clara Review based its argument on the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which protects citizens from discrimination based on ancestry, and the 14th Amendment, which protects citizens' civil rights against infringement by any state.

Treasurer race to go to runoff vote

Junior Kelsie Johnson was named Student Government Association president Wednesday by a difference of 418 votes, but treasurer candidates junior Greg Hamre and sophomore Marlon Figueroa are heading into a runoff election Thursday.

Sophomore Matt Dietrichson was elected vice president with 1,760 votes against junior Matt Williams, who got 870 votes. Sophomore Kennedy Stewart, who ran unopposed, was elected Programming Council chair.

Student entrepreneurs seek to aid Zambians with microloans

A new student organization on campus plans to help people in Zambia start their own business using microfinancing, or small-scale lending, by raising $5,000...

Volleyball team defeats Wyoming

The volleyball team beat Wyoming on Thursday night, bouncing back from consecutive losses against BYU and Utah.

The team swept Wyoming (25-16, 25-17, 25-18) bringing its record to 7-6 in the Mountain West Conference and 18-8 overall.

Junior middle blocker Kourtney Edwards said she thought everyone played hard as a team.

"We all had a common goal to come out, work hard and finish the game on top," Edwards said.

Compared to last time the team played Wyoming, Edwards said the Frogs kept the ball more consistently.

Latino enrollment in college stagnant

Yesenia Rojas is a senior at Paschal High School, a Mexican American and a hopeful first-generation college student.

Rojas, who wants to be a maternity nurse, said one of her concerns in choosing where to go to college is her ability to afford it.

A 2008 report tracking changes in Latino freshmen at four-year institutions since 1975 found that one in five Latino students expresses a major concern about their ability to finance college at the start of the school year.

Admissions accommodates applicants affected by Hurricane Ike

The university is waiving the usual $40 early action application fee for students affected by Hurricane Ike, an admission official said.

Victoria Herrera, Houston regional director of admissions, said students whose lives have been disrupted by the hurricane can request to have the fee waived by filling out a form for students impacted by natural disasters found on the admissions Web site.

Women’s basketball needs men at practice

As the women's basketball team prepares for the season, it needs more players for its practice squad, the team's video coordinator said.

The team needs four or five players to round out the squad, said Adam Call, the team's video coordinator.

Mack Haisten, a junior finance and entrepreneurial management major, plays basketball on the squad. Haisten started playing on the squad during his freshman year.

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