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Nursing students will train on-site

The TCU Harris School of Nursing has added the Sacred Heart Health System to its growing list of affiliated hospitals which will serve as...

Baylor incident won’t occur at TCU, chancellor says headline

The recent firestorm at Baylor University over the controversial editorial published in the student newspaper, The Baylor Lariat, would not happen here, administrators and...

Family tradition: Being a legacy does help in application process

TCU will continue to ask for family information about prospective students in the admissions process, even though some state schools have decided against it...

Bring it on: Coach encourages positive fans to pack the coliseum

Men’s head basketball coach Neil Dougherty said Tuesday that fans should support TCU victories by chanting for the Frogs, rather than belittling opponents. Dougherty said...

Pictures give applications special touch, officials say

Optional photos on applications help admissions officers remember certain students as they sort through the submissions of thousands of prospective TCU students, university officials said.

College selectivity difficult to verify

College admission officers say there is a need to define exactly what constitutes an application to prevent misuse of the number of applications reported by schools seeking a higher standing in student user guides.

Sunday night attracts more listeners: Radio hosts receive better feedback after...

More listeners are turning into KTCU’s, “The Good Show” now that it has moved to Sunday nights. Hosts Tom Urquhart and Chris Bellomy switched...
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