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Friday, May 14, 2021


Your View

Have you ever had someone tell you that you are not allowed to do a certain thing? Then when you ask for a reason, they cannot seem to give you a valid one. That is how I see the state of Texas on the issue of gay marriage. I believe that we as human beings, in a civil society, have the right to marry the person we love no matter what the sex happens to be. This gay marriage ban is just another form of discrimination. Why should it matter whom we spend the rest of our lives with? Some people are worried about children.

Your view

I know that, as women, we are described as the fairer sex, but we have come a long way to be accepted in an equal light with our male counterparts. So I was surprised to learn that some women on this campus were against the idea of a female Froggie-Five-O. What can she do for us, some asked. It's like walking with a buddy, or I would rather have a man, said others. Wait! Did we just step back in time? Because the last time I looked it was 2005.

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