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Fort Worth looks for ways to go green

Texas is hot.In the concrete cities of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, there's no escaping the heat without increasing energy costs. But environmental scientists in...

Gossip site not so anonymous

The information about the investigations by the attorneys general of New Jersey and Connecticut was corrected at 10:35 p.m. April 10. The editorial incorrectly...

Student creates first liquid computer

Correction: The liquid-cooled-submerged computer achieves a mild form of super fluidity to decrease the resistance of computer wires.He could hear the excitement building next...

Dougherty’s release good call

On Sunday, three days after the men's basketball season closed, so did something else. Neil Dougherty's tenure as head coach is over.

Dougherty will not return to fulfill the last year of his contract for obvious reasons - empty stands and loosing streaks.

Since leaving his position as assistant coach to Roy Williams at the University of Kansas to come to TCU, Dougherty has had six years of ups and downs.

College students’ votes important to election

Young voters are expected to have a substantial impact in determining who will be the next U.S. president, and as candidates are visiting the Lone Star State seeking votes in the March 4 primary, they have a chance to become educated voters for a better future.

The March 4 primaries are crucial for both Democrats and Republicans as Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont and Texas vote for 370 Democratic and 256 Republican delegates.

Honors credit option weak

The addition of the Contemporary Reading Symposium to the Honors Program will alleviate some pressure second-year honors students experience by making it easier to receive lower-level classification in the program.

Instead of regular and often rigorous course requirements, honors students can relax for a semester because the Contemporary Reading Symposium is essentially a book club for smart people, and it substitutes a lower-division honors requirement.

Higher tuition may lead to better retention rate

Campus construction is booming and tuition increases steadily each year, which often leaves students wishing they weren't born in the late 1980s to avoid dealing with the university's burst in development.

Students may not know exactly how the university spends its money or why it asks for more each year. But by thinking positively, some may find satisfaction by knowing that in years to come TCU will be better than it is today.

Ousted departments deserve space in new campus buildings

In the summer of 1985, faculty and staff members of, what was then, the Department of Sociology, were asked to leave Sadler Hall and move into portable buildings on the lot where Tucker Technology now stands.That location was supposed to be temporary.

The Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice and Anthropology, 22 years later, occupy the same portables, now affectionately known as "the trailers."

She said: Quality of men on campus inferior to that of...

Men once chose to exclude women from higher education; now they choose to exclude themselves. A recent article in the Star-Telegram stated BMOC - Big Man On Campus - might as well mean "Boys Missing On Campus."

Females make up 58 percent of TCU's student body, about 1 percent above the national average. For this reason, I would like to introduce the acronym WMMOC - Women Missing Men On Campus.

I don't miss the men who aren't around as much as I miss the men in the boys who are.

Searchlight Symosium

It is easy and cheap to capitalize on America's obsession with celebrities, said two professors at the Searchlight Symposium Wednesday night.Richard Allen, radio-TV-film professor, and Adam Schiffer, political science assistant professor, shared their distinct views on celebrities in a media-crazed society and answered questions from several students among the nearly 50 in attendance.

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