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Bar arrests infringe on individual freedom rights

So it's Friday night, you spend an hour getting ready, text 30 friends with one click of a button and work your way to the closest bar. Why? Not to see how dizzy you can get on the bar stools. Not to taste the latest concoction of diet cherry lime vanilla banana Coca-Cola. And not to catch up on your Sudoku skills. Why do hoards of hard-working citizens (and plenty of college kids) head to the bars each weekend after a stressful week? To drink numerous alcoholic beverages, push aside stresses of the week, celebrate and let loose with friends.

Up in smoke

Arson investigators have determined a cutting torch caused the Wednesday three-alarm fire that gutted the inside of the former TCU Bookstore and caused the roof to collapse, a Fort Worth Fire Deparment official said.Roofing materials were super-heated by the torch, used by renovation workers to remove part of the building's roof supports, said Lt. Kent Worley, public information officer for the Fort Worth Fire Department. He said the layers of roof materials smoldered for hours and caught fire on the east side of the building.

Many use energy drinks in place of healthy habits

Wake up at 6 a.m. Drink a Red Bull. Rush to campus praying to find any parking. Drink a Red Bull. Attend class, grab lunch and spend the rest of the evening cramped in a corner at the library. Drink Red Bull intermittently throughout the night. In the fast-paced, competitive world of today's collegian, students around the nation are reaching for anything to give them that extra surge of energy for a long day's work.

But research shows that these cans of sugar may be doing more harm then many consumers realize.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night

Classes are complete, finals are out the door and holiday cheer has blown in - seemingly a few weeks earlier every year. Sure, the possibility of joining the hordes of shoppers piling through mall doors at 6:30 a.m is always an option. But if you rather enjoy your time off with family, friends and loved ones, check out these holiday festivities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Guys: dating now equals serious committment

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.The age-old question of what men and women want in the hectic world of dating always seems to linger in the air, especially in the social scene of a collegian.

So men, here is your chance to set the record straight. Of course, answers varied between each guy, but several conclusions could be made. Ladies, pay attention. I hope this will help solve some of your frustrations.

What is the college guy looking for?

Text messaging: The new 3 a.m. booty call all women should...

Once upon a time, a boy would ask a girl on an official date, she would dress up, he would bring flowers, and at the end of the night he could only hope for a kiss at the doorstep.Fast forward to 2005, and the overuse of instant messenger, Facebook.com and the ever-elusive text-message, and dating has been diminished to an event of the past.

Any conversations at all seem limited to surroundings involving a cocktail at Snookie's or beerpong at the nearest house party. Impressing a girl has ceased entirely.

Exhibit celbrates life, dedication, photos

He photographed Christopher Reeve and a rather bare Charlize Theron, but Saturday, 78 portraits of cowboys, pioneers and even an oil-rig worker will be reintroduced to the Fort Worth audience.Almost one year after the death of world renowned photographer, Richard Avedon, the Amon Carter Museum brings home a portion of his original collection of portraits from "In the American West."

Deciding to attend graduate school takes serious thought, professionals say

Once SATs, ACTs and college applications are in the past, undergraduate days of hungover 8 a.m. classes and Fridays off feel like they will last forever.Unfortunately, reality catches up with the easygoing collegiate life, and the option of attending graduate school needs to be addressed.

When should students begin investigating graduate schools?


"You need to know what's out there. and what you don't know can hurt you," said Dan McGrew of Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions.

Increased use of curse word causes meaning to change

No word has the versatility and power of the F-bomb. It is such a simple word, but can be used in almost any situation.

It can exemplify happiness and precisely describe the level of one's frustration in ways the word "very" doesn't come close to expressing. Out of a million or so words in the English language, sometimes the F-bomb is the only one suitable in many situations.

The term is said to have derived from the Latin "futuere," and, in 1598, was published in a dictionary, meaning "to strike or penetrate."

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