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Grief program looking to have long-term impact

In reaction to the significant amount of students who have experienced deaths in their families, Mental Health Services and a campus priest plan to continue what they say is a successful grief support group.Laura Crawley, assistant dean of campus life for health promotion, said campus life has been looking to have a grief program for a while.

It is a group made up of students and "two folks with tremendous experience with grief, hope and loss," Crawley said.

Nursing clinical sign-ups cause schedule difficulties

The system in which required nursing clinical sign-ups are being conducted is making it difficult to register for classes and plan work schedules, nursing...

Week’s events to raise awareness of Darfur genocide

The TCU community is participating in Global Days for Darfur to raise awareness about the genocide occurring in Darfur, a professor said. Global Days is a worldwide campaign to raise awareness and is all about education and action, said Cecil Van de Voorde, an assistant criminal justice professor.

"I want people to wake up, pay attention and start acting," said Van de Voorde, who is managing this week's events.

Nursing practice doctoral program looks to improve quality issues

To keep up with nationwide trends, TCU will launch a Doctorate of Nursing Practice to help improve the state's health care system.This program will help students gain additional skills in leadership, information processing, innovation, translational research and health policy, said Paulette Burns, dean of the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

It is a new national program that is concerned with quality and safety issues, and is the first doctoral program in the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences, said Linda Harrington, director of the DNP.

Nation’s college campuses see rising birth control prices

Despite rising prices at campuses across the country, the Health Center is doing its best to save students money on contraceptives, a pharmacist said. Birth control prices have risen at campuses across the nation because of the Deficit Reduction Bill of 2005, which raised the fees drug manufacturers pay to participate in Medicaid. This resulted in companies not being able to offer as many prescription discounts to colleges.

Dean unhappy with changes in department

The design, merchandising and textiles department will be the newest addition to the College of Fine Arts, but the dean of its previous home...


A TCU alumna, who lectured last night about flavor as a health issue, will be offering cooking demonstrations on "World Flavors" today.Connie Guttersen, author of "The Sonoma Diet" and the "Sonoma Diet Cookbook," talked Monday about how she combines her two passions - cooking and science - to promote a flavorful lifestyle.

Guttersen, Green Honors Chair for the Department of Nutritional Sciences, spoke on "flavor as a crossroads between health and enjoyment inspired by the Sonoma Diet" on Monday night in a filled Sid Richardson lecture hall.

Professor continues conservation effort on Web

A professor is creating a Web site that will enable users around the world to calculate their cars' carbon emissions. "The purpose of envirofootprint.org is to raise awareness about sustainability issues on campus, in our community and around the world," said Keith Whitworth, a sociology professor and the creator of the Purple Bike Program.

The Web site, which will be ready in three weeks, will use a calculator designed to determine carbon emissions from automobiles and provide an opportunity to offset those emissions with monetary donations, Whitworth said.

Officials prep for avian flu

The avian flu may be flocking to the United States, and officials are developing a plan to ensure the safety of the TCU community.TCU...

Professor sees purple, thinks green

A sociology professor said he is using purple bicycles to preserve the world for future generations. The Purple Bike Program, which creator Keith Whitworth,...
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