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Debt collectors use Facebook to harrass

Confirm friend request. Click.

Embarrassing wall posts, harassing messages and unwanted contact with friends and family. Welcome to the new battleground for debt collectors: Facebook.

Many have found themselves accepting friend requests from someone they're not sure they know, or think they might know. Someone who carelessly accepts a friend request could be damaging themselves more than they realize.

Pregnancies can be avoided via life choices, not contraceptives

Just say no. If someone can't afford to have a kid, then he or she is not in the right state to participate in the act.

Free contraceptives could soon be available to women in the U.S., thanks to the new health care law. While some may welcome the amendment, one must ask themselves whose responsibility it is to pay for the individual choices of others. It is not the moral or legal responsibility of Americans to provide free birth control.

Reality shows glamorizes teen pregnancy

Did you hear about Maci and Ryan? Whatever is going to happen to Brooke? Mansfield is so close! Farrah really shouldn't be going out all the time.

These are just some of the characters on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" and its spin-off "Teen Mom." Gone are the stars' carefree teenage years. Instead of graduating high school, these teens are getting enrolled in Parenthood 101. But never fear, MTV is here and ready to offer them all the glamour of a being a reality TV star.

Fewer than 10 percent of TCU students take gap year

Though a recent study shows an increase in the number of students taking a year off between high school and college at other private...

TCU bookstore to offer sweat shop-free items

The university bookstore showed its support for ethical business practices by beginning to offer products from a new clothing line committed to a humanitarian...

Freshmen enrollment at an all-time national high

Schools across the country had the highest enrollment in history for first-time freshmen in fall 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Dean of Admission Ray Brown said the university's fall 2009 class was the largest with 1,821 students. The pre 12-day predicted enrollment for the fall 2010 class was 1,824.

The problem came when those same people planned to graduate on time with a relevant degree and a job.

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