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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The goal of advocacy is community functionality

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said there is an integral connection between nature, the ecosystem, energy use and the economy in a speech for the...

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to speak about sustainability at Global Issues...

Environmental stewardship and preservation of natural habitats will likely be topics covered by visiting speaker Robert F. Kennedy Jr. during his keynote address for the Frost Foundation Lectureship Series for Global Issues presented by the Center for International Studies: TCU Abroad.

Jane Kucko, director for the Center For International Studies: TCU Abroad, wrote in an e-mail that the Frost Foundation Lectureship on Global Issues provides the university with the opportunity to invite speakers like Kennedy, adding that his topic has been a focus of the university.

Evaluations give students voice

As the semester winds down, most students look forward to the one day in class when the professor leaves 15 minutes early so the class has time to fill out Student Perception of Teaching course evaluations.Although many students see this 15 minutes as a get-out-of-class-early pass - one minute to randomly pencil in some bubbles, then it's a rush to the door - it should be taken seriously.

New evidence legitimizes Darwin

Last week was a bad week for those who make their living denying science. In the past week, scientists discovered 375 million-year-old fossil evidence...

Motorists should take care driving on wet roadways

Driving to Arlington a few weeks ago for what turned into a wild goose chase, I was stunned at the downright idiotic driving. A number of cars on the verge of stopping in the middle of the highway, not using headlights and following cars too closely. The worst part of the incredible chaos was that it was all caused by drivers who were clueless of precautions to take when driving in rain. Yes, the roads were a bit hazardous that day, and I understand that people were just trying to prevent accidents in their overly cautious reduction of speed.

Feb. 14 about love; shouldn’t be commercialized

Valentine's Day is a great day as long as its focus stays on Cupid's cloud and not on Hallmark's haven.Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. The commercialism behind Valentine's Day has us convinced that it is nothing more than a way for Hallmark to make money from card sales and boxes of mediocre candies.

But why can't it just be a day set aside for those in relationships to celebrate their love?

Express your individuality

The first week of a new semester is often associated with students wanting to make good impressions on fellow classmates and teachers. Often times, students wear their best and most expensive clothing. But what happens when expensive becomes the key word?My first day at TCU -- also my first week in Texas - I was taken aback at the standard of dress, especially when I noticed what seemed to me a majority of students going to class in expensive designer jeans almost every day.

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