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Pageant provides scholarships – ONLINE RESULTS

The sixth annual Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant, "Jazzy But Classy," took place at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Student Center Ballroom.The pageant, sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, provides a $1,000 scholarship for the first place winner and smaller sums for the second and third place contestant.

Jerret Holmes, a senior advertising/public relations major and the pageant coordinator, said the annual pageant is an excellent way for the fraternity to help further the education of TCU's young women and a good time for the women involved.

Italian restaurant a Fort Worth gem

The Italian Inn, "Home of the Singing Waiters," is the best kept secret in Fort Worth.This romantic restaurant, open since 1967, melts the heart...

For women, ‘casual’ sex can rarely be casual

I'm going to come right out and say it: There is no such thing as "casual sex" for a woman.There are indeed hookups, hot...

Panel: Proposition 2 not Christian

More than 50 people crowded into the Brown-Lupton Student Center Lounge on Thursday night to hear four professors voice their views that Proposition 2 not only denies U.S. citizens their fundamental rights but also goes against the Christian principles supporters use to defend it.Stephen Sprinkle, an associate professor of practical theology at Brite Divinity School, said the public misunderstands much of Proposition 2, which will ban gay marriage in Texas if passed and uses faulty religious reasons to defend it.

Mexican restaurant serves up taste, value

Tucked away on Pulido Street next to the Mecca for sororities and fraternities, Brown Bag, Pulido's is a little Mexican joint that claims to have the best reasonably priced Mexican food in town. After hearing friends rave, especially about Pulido's breakfast, I had to check it out for myself.Just off West Vickery Boulevard, Pulido's appears to be one of those old-fashioned mom and pop restaurants you hear about from the '60s. The owner greets you at the door, and I noticed most people migrate to their usual tables as they catch up with their waiter.

Girl code at TCU shaky: Be a friend, change the trend

Girl code. The unspoken rule among females, which says you cannot hook up with a friend's ex, brother, "friend," your ex-boyfriend's friends, etc. Girls are indoctrinated with this rule from birth on and have had it ingrained in their heads by the time puberty hits. You know that guy your friend kissed on the monkey bars in third grade? Well, she wouldn't share her crayons with you for the next month because she heard you held hands with him on the soccer field. So, not OK.

Frogs push past Rams

TCU volleyball dropped its first two games, but rallied Tuesday night to defeat the Colorado State Rams (24-30, 23-30, 30-28, 30-26, 15-10) at the University Recreation Center. Associate head coach Jason Tanaka said the team did a good job of working together and carrying out a solid strategy.

"We focused on self and had a good game plan that we were able to execute," Tanaka said. "We executed the job by coming together and focusing."

Tanaka said sophomore outside hitter Talaya Whitfield played excellently in the match.

Short run sees ‘Soprano’ play to a full house

TCU Theatre's sold-out presentations of "The Bald Soprano," by Eugene Ionesco, began Thursday and will run until Saturday night."The show is about people letting their lives become empty," director Kevin Long said. "However, it is comedy, so it's not heavy-handed or trying to preach. It is about laughing at ourselves."

Scenic designer and technical director Philip Zielke said he agrees.

Student spotlight

Standing on a hard, dirty cement floor in a smoky bar sounds like your average Saturday night on Berry Street. Hoards of college students happily dance about as mixed drinks are sloshed out of plastic cups onto the high heels of unsuspecting sorority girls. People crowd the bar, fighting for the attention of the bar tenders while the cover band jams loudly in the background and everyone sings along to hits by artists such as Billy Joel and Tom Petty.

Except this week it's not Saturday night; it's Tuesday night.

A folly good time

The annual group talent show, Frog Follies, hosted by Programming Council, took place Thursday night in Ed Landreth Hall Auditorium as part of the festivities for Homecoming 2005. Past events have included a '50s Movie Night and a Decorate the Dorms contest.

The event filled up the auditorium with supporters for the more than 25 organizations taking part.

Although the show started over 15 minutes late, the members of the predominately female audience cheered loudly for their respective groups.

TCU faculty and staff comprised the 24 judges.

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