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Professors discuss Christian, political justifications for war

A panel of professors discussed the validity of the Iraq war from both a political and a Christian standpoint at the Searchlight Symposium on Thursday.In front of about 80 students, professors Nadia Lahutsky, Eric Cox and Mark Gilderhus addressed the questions, "What is a just war? Are we in one?"

Lahutsky, an associate professor of religion, opened the discussion with a description of the "just war's" evolution within the Christian faith.

She said early Christians objected to war on the principle that violence is fundamentally wrong.

‘War’ symposium to discuss justifications of Iraq war

Members of the staff will discuss the legitimacy of the war in Iraq today at the second Searchlight Symposium. The symposium, titled "What is a Just War? Are We in One?", will be conducted by a panel of professors including Mark Gilderhus, Eric Cox and Nadia Lahutsky.

All three have said they agree the war needs to be addressed at TCU.

"Kids are dying," said Gilderhus, chair of the history department. "This issue concerns every person on campus, students and faculty, Democrats and Republicans."

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