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Professor uses both sides of the brain with high tech music

Jose Feghali locked himself in a room, fidgeted with his mind and played with his computer when his project didn't live up to his expectations.

The university artist-in-residence, piano professor and self-proclaimed geek wasn't satisfied with the sound quality of the software he was using during a class he conducted between the university and London's Royal Academy of Music in 2008. He said he wanted people to experience music in its best quality regardless of technology and distance.

Bands, fans descend on Austin for SXSW festival

Road Closed. Detour.

The sign on Sixth Street in downtown Austin was a clear indication that something was going on. The place was the epicenter of the South by Southwest music festival.

Sixth Street was a musical mecca with an estimated 1,900 bands during the five-day musical mayhem that started March 18. More than 400 bands played Saturday - some for the first time and others for the third or fourth - in the 87 designated venues throughout Sixth Street and the surrounding neighborhood.

Musician swaps Hollywood for college life

J. Mack Slaughter Jr. knows what it's like to be an adult while an adolescent.

At 17, the Fort Worth native had accomplished fame with a career in a boy band. But he left the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles and returned home to pursue a career in medicine. Slaughter is now a pre-med neuroscience major at the university and has established the Zachary Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides music lessons to adolescent patients.

Boyle’s ‘Millionaire’ an instant winner

It's the final question for a chance to win 20 million rupees in the Hindi version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

Ironically, 18-year old Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), the contestant of the TV show from the slums of Mumbai, never knew the answer to this question, taken from a well-known book which he once studied at school.

So, how did Jamal get the answer correct? Did he cheat or was it luck?

"Slumdog Millionaire" gives you the answer in bits and pieces.

Young leaders igniting change worldwide

As I browsed the world news the night after the declaration of the U.S. election results, I noticed a couple of changes.

The big change was in America, of course, with Barack Obama elected as the new president. But the U.S. wasn't the only country grasped by the change in government.

People in a country on the shores of the Indian Ocean and another amid the Himalayas were rejoicing in their share of change as well. But amid the glitz and glamour of the U.S. presidential race, historic changes in the Maldives and Bhutan passed unnoticed to many.

Money not the only need of veteran-students

With sheer fortitude and patriotism, they enter the battlefield. Just out of high school or their initial years in college, they join the Army, Navy or the Air Force. Some years later, after the war is over or their terms have ended, these army personnel return to their normal lives. Many start reliving their lives and fulfilling the dreams they had sacrificed for the country. For many war veterans, going back to school and getting their degrees has become a major goal to pursue.

Review: Oasis’ new album stays true to its musical merit, but...

The English lads from Manchester have released their seventh studio album, "Dig Out Your Soul." But 17 years after its inception, does Oasis still create the magic? The answer is yes...and no.

Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, who are still the forefront of this rock band - which has changed its lineup over the years - along with Colin Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock showcase their trademark in "Dig Out" with Liam's vocals complementing the guitar and drum in each of the 11 songs.

Review: The Redwalls’ show worth every penny

No flashy lights or big fuss. There was a small crowd, good music and an entertaining night at Lola's on Sunday as The Redwalls crooned their songs from past and present albums.

Dressed in their skinny jeans, tight jackets and mop-styled hair, brothers Logan and Justin Baren took over the stage along with Rob Jensen with oomph despite guitarist Andrew Langer leaving the band this year. But Justin Baren quickly introduced the crowd to their new member.

Obama represents change America has been striving for

Change. Obama's campaign slogan has inspired a passionate campaign that has resulted in significant leads in many important states. Pollster.com shows Obama leading McCain...

Review: ‘Quarantine’ worth the fright

Picture a reporter, cameraman, firefighters, police officers and a group of residents trapped in a Los Angeles apartment building fighting for their fate. This...
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