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Speaker to discuss Christianity as global religion

A speech today by an expert in Catholic social thought will help students understand religious diversity on campus, the university minister said.

Georgetown University professor Peter C. Phan's work on global Christianity and ecumenism, promoting the union between religions, will help the TCU community understand the Christian and religious diversity on campus, said Angela Kaufman, minister to the university.

"His work is immensely relevant for all of us today to hear because it's a reminder about how large God's world really is," she said.

Music blends American, international flavors

Rock, rock and more rock.

The echoes of the drums, guitars and vocals will rise tonight. Johnnie Cochran, Automorrow, Soulever Lift and Veloura are bands that are staging their performances in a music festival celebrating International Week.

The International Student Association organized this event to assimilate American culture into international culture through music, said Lyndsay Cole, a junior marketing major and one of the coordinators of the music festival.

Construction company cuts cable

  The TCU Cable Television has been restored after a brief shutdown this afternoon. Patti Sellers , TCU Connect supervisor, said a construction company accidentally cut...

Student filmmakers cast pilot sitcom

Are you Audrey ­- a 24-year-old sassy, hardworking perfectionist who does whatever it takes to get to the top?

The radio-TV-film department is on a hunt to find characters for its pilot, "A Fork in the Road," through open auditions today.

Maggie Truitt, a senior radio-TV-film major and an executive producer, said the pilot is a department-wide production based on an idea some of the students had in a dramatic writing class.

London program adds UK partner university

The Center for International Studies has expanded its London program by aligning with the University of Westminster, U.K., making it a full-time fall and spring program in addition to its summer program.

Students now have a chance to access courses in every discipline, and the entire course catalogue at Westminster will be available to them, said Susan Layne, coordinator of TCU in London.

Reel Religion to bring films’ spiritual aspects to open forum

Red carpet, glitz and glamour are all a part of a Hollywood film festival.Movies, popcorn and a platform for discussion will be a part...

Sixth annual Night at the Apollo canceled

Rachel Patman, a freshman political science major, wanted to sing at the sixth annual Night at the Apollo today, but she will not have an audience.

Night at the Apollo, one of a series of events celebrating Black History Month, has been canceled.

"Our publicity wasn't probably where we'd liked to have seen it," said Greg Trevino, director of intercultural education and services. "We weren't just drumming up the right support, so we thought it was best if we went ahead and didn't do the program."

Home is where the heart is for international grads

They crossed their borders for an educational purpose. They landed at TCU, making the campus their academic abode and home away from home. They took off on a journey to live their dreams.

International alumni are on a quest to forge a professional identity inside and outside the "land of the free."

Peruvian native Jose Velasquez Castro began his journey when he crossed the international border to gain new experiences.

Asian New Year event to raise money for charity

The Asian Student Association and the Asian/Asian-American interest sorority are celebrating the Asian New Year with a philanthropic purpose.

The Asian New Year Bazaar showcases the dynamics of Asian culture and diversity within the ethnic group, said Mai Vu, a junior psychology and sociology major.

Safari to Africa raises HIV awareness

A student organization is celebrating African culture and raising support for an HIV-affected Kenyan girl today.

The African Heritage Organization is sponsoring the girl in association with Teenage Mothers and Girls Association of Kenya.

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