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Students compete in National Anthem Idol

Silence engulfed the buzzing at the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum before TCU played New Mexico.

As senior radio-TV-film major Lauren King took center stage and sang the national anthem Tuesday, her voice reverberated through the coliseum. King, one of the contestants for the National Anthem Idol contest organized by athletics marketing department, unveiled her vocal aptitude in front of more than 3,000 people.

"It was just another performance," said King, who has been singing the national anthem at volleyball and baseball games. "I liked it a lot."

Hinduism turns former punk into spiritual monk

At 14, he decided to alter his life.Sun, sand and surf suddenly lost significance for this Hawaii native. He trimmed his Mohawk, dismantled his punk band, changed his religion and tattooed the Sanskrit chant of Hare Krishna, a Hindu deity, on his hand.

Troy Granger, who is now Nityananda Chandra Das, is living a spiritual life.

Dressed in a traditional Hindu costume with a sacred paste on his forehead and a small ponytail in the middle of his shaved head, 29-year-old Das looked cheerful as he spoke of his days of transformation.

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