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Group hosts event to support victims

Hurricanes, mudslides and earthquakes devastate cities and dig at the hearts of people everywhere. While many people merely think about the loss, some reach...

Students learn about sexual health

Wild parties, heavy drinking and irresponsible sex have long plagued college students' reputations, but some campus groups are working to change that.Organizations including Hyperfrogs, the Alcohol and Drug Education Center, Programming Council and the Women's Resource Center are presenting National Sexual Responsibility Week with events around campus.

Yvonne Giovanis, assistant director of the Alcohol and Drug Education Center, said the programs will educate students about safe sex and sexual health.

Faculty take steps to cut health costs

TCU faculty and staff members who hope to increase wellness and lower health-care costs will start taking a step in the right direction next week. Actually, thousands of them.The University Recreation Center and Human Resources are teaming up to kick off the TCU Pedometer Challenge on Tuesday, Valentine's Day, in honor of Heart Health Month. The challenge is a program in which participating faculty and staff will wear pedometers, devices that track the amount of steps a person takes each day.

PC to host game for singles

The TCU Programming Council is hosting its own version of "Singled Out" tonight at 7 p.m. in the Student Center lounge.Kristen Chapman, director of...

Students view buffet line of TV information

Amid studying and socializing, freshman finance major Jarrod Cox watches TV twice a day to keep current with stocks and sports."I watch finance stations because I own my own stocks, and I watch what's going on," Cox said. "I also watch ESPN because I live for sports, and I can't watch all the games at once."

David Higgins, another freshman finance major, says sports are at the top of his hit list, too.

"I like to be able to keep up with sports news," Higgins said. "When I'm up-to-date with sports, I can have good conversations about it."

Experts: Flu shot may avert sickness

Paying to get stuck with a needle may seem far from enjoyable, but experts say the benefits of the flu shot are worth the initial sting.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Web site, 5 percent to 20 percent of Americans get the flu each year and the best prevention from getting the bug is to get a vaccination every fall.

Laura Crawley, assistant dean of Campus Life for health promotions , said students need to get a yearly flu shot.

TCU community debates legality of wiretapping

Americans and members of the TCU community everywhere have taken sides regarding the legality of the Bush administration's domestic wiretapping program.The New York Times reported Dec. 16 that the Bush administration has been wiretapping phone conversations between the United States and abroad without a warrant.

Austin Uebele, a sophomore psychology major and member of TCU College Republicans, does not agree with the program.

Zam Zam Cafe

Tucked away on the corner of Berry Street and McCart Avenue sits Zam Zam Cafe, a small Mediterranean eatery with a surprisingly extensive menu.Zam Zam's menu offers nearly everything a starving college student is, in fact, starving for - and for a reasonable price.

Co-owner Hossein Tabaei, who previously owned the Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins restaurants that once occupied Zam Zam's spot, started the restaurant so he could offer more products than the franchises would allow.

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