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Commentary: Sound Improvements do not make up for lacking radio content

Being the technophile I am, I could not merely take everyone at his or her word when they said HD radio was a huge improvement. So when Clear Channel offered up a slightly used demo unit, I couldn't help sharing my thoughts on the new technology.Though it took a few moments to pick up the HD signal and switch from analog to digital, once I found the place with the best reception, every station with a digital signal showed a marked improvement in sound. Static is, as advertised, gone when you are on digital.

High-Def Nation

If you haven't already heard the advertising blitz on your radio station of choice, you soon will. The station you are listening to wants you to know they have it. Electronics stores want you to buy it. Between the ads for the video games, restaurants and energy drinks, we keep hearing about it: High Definition Radio.Radio stations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth are beginning a transition, like their television counterparts, to all-digital content in an effort to improve the quality of their products.

CD Review: Debut more than clone of fellow British band

People In Planes' American debut, "As Far As the Eye Can See," proves that a knack for the experimental is all it takes to bring a decent pop record to the next level.Hailing from South Wales, PIP's sound leans heavily on the same formula that fellow Brits Radiohead did on its early albums, "Pablo Honey" (1993) and "The Bends" (1995). The album is full of haunting verses and epic choruses that would be just as at home in a huge arena or in a small, hole-in-the-wall club.

Movie Review: ‘V’ captures comic book’s tone

With weekend ticket sales making "V for Vendetta" the country's No. 1 film, it seems America's love of comic-book movies has gone beyond mainstream characters and into what is traditionally considered comic-book-fanboy territory.The film is based on a series originally featured in a British comic anthology in the early 1980s, which was later published as its own comic book and later compiled by DC Comic's Vertigo as a graphic novel.

Human value equal; health care should not exclude

When you are halfway through your last semester, things can get a little stressful. Whether you are the senior taking 20 hours just to finish things up or the one retaking the class after taking one too many tests with a hangover, it is a time for begging our bosses at internships to keep us on and sending out r‚sum‚ after r‚sum‚ hoping the next one will finally lead to an interview.

Parents only make things worse.

CD Review: Metal act lacks luster

The Gypsy Tea room plays host to California metal group Bleeding Through March 25, as the group tours in support of its third studio...

Counter Point: U.S. should be above vengeance

Maybe it is because I am a Texan, but I have never had a problem with the death penalty. I have never shed a tear when a murderer-rapist was put to death. I have been known to stifle a cheer when I hear that someone who killed a convenience store clerk during a robbery has been shot and killed by police.The idea seems so perfect: If you take someone's life, yours will be taken as punishment. It speaks to that basic need for justice that is hammered into the mind of all children when they are forced to give their friends equal time to play with a toy.

Money in political climate necessitates election overhaul

Politics and money are inextricably linked.Trying to keep them apart is like the cartoon character attempting to plug leaks in a boat with his fingers - it always ends with someone getting sprayed in the face.

Originally, only the wealthy were allowed to vote. Then the common man was allowed to vote and it became everyday practice to buy votes. Even well-respected presidents like Abraham Lincoln actually bought newspapers to give an apparatus of support during elections. No matter what, you have always needed money to get elected.

Democrats, Republicans not leaders; government needs reform

Tuesday night's State of the Union address and subsequent response solidified the notion that this country's political system is sick, stagnant and in desperate...

Trio releases catchy new album

We Are Scientists' new album "With Love and Squalor" delivers infectious hooks through the entirety of this strong pop album - just don't dig too far below the surface.Every track is single-worthy and very radio friendly, with generic lyrics filtered through faux-Cure-style vocals. In fact, dance beats and a singer trying to be Robert Smith make WAS sound like The Killers' demo tapes before they discovered the synthesizer.

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