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Whether people agree or disagree with your views, stand up for...

Mine is a name that will not be soon forgotten by many at TCU.During my eight semesters, I've managed to enrage dozens, perhaps hundreds, of students, faculty, administration and staff. I've boldly spoken out against sensitive issues, and I've taken the non-politically correct side more often than not. I've received hate mail; I've been called a "coldhearted jerk"; I've been threatened with lawsuits.

Citizenship nonnegotiable; live here legally or leave

This Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved legislation based on the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act constructed by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. Among other things, the bill calls for a guest-worker program and would allow illegal immigrants six years to become legal. During that time, illegal aliens would pay fines and back taxes, as well as learn basic English and civics.The other side of Congress has its own bill, the famed H.R.

Up in smoke

Arson investigators have determined a cutting torch caused the Wednesday three-alarm fire that gutted the inside of the former TCU Bookstore and caused the roof to collapse, a Fort Worth Fire Deparment official said.Roofing materials were super-heated by the torch, used by renovation workers to remove part of the building's roof supports, said Lt. Kent Worley, public information officer for the Fort Worth Fire Department. He said the layers of roof materials smoldered for hours and caught fire on the east side of the building.

Respect others’ beliefs

I never saw "Brokeback Mountain." My schedule was such that it left most theaters before I had the chance. In addition, I've never read "The Da Vinci Code," nor have I seen "The Book of Daniel." Frankly, I rarely see important movies or read controversial books, and the only TV show I watch is "Lost." That doesn't mean, however, that I haven't witnessed the fallout, especially from the Christian minority.In these days of media saturation and the free-for-all Internet, everyone has a microphone. At first glance, one would think this kind of interconnection would be a good thing.

Smoke in Colby causes scare

Colby Hall residents were evacuated and the Fort Worth Fire Department was called Sunday evening after a resident assistant spotted smoke on the third floor of the building.Sarah Bachman, a sophomore nursing major and Colby RA, said she called TCU Police and the Colby front desk when she noticed the smoke.

The RA on duty at the front desk then pulled the fire alarm and everyone in the building was evacuated.

"(The evacuation) was actually taken care of really well," Bachman said.

Women’s wardrobes need work

Women's fashion has never made sense to me. I'm continually amazed when I see naturally beautiful women who mangle and contort their bodies in order to fit into something "cute," all so they can impress their girlfriends.See, from what I can tell, women don't dress to make guys notice them. If they did, they'd listen to our complaints. Instead, many women participate in a daily battle to see who can be the best-looking. It's an internal war, and the victims are the men who are forced to view the disgusting ensembles worn by the combatants.

Give mass transit a shot

I've become a die-hard Stars fan in the last month.A few weeks ago, I went to Big D to watch the Stars demolish the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. It was a good game. And the best part was that afterward, my friends and I jumped on the Trinity Railway Express and let somebody else deal with Dallas traffic.

I've driven Dallas enough to know that I hate doing it. Usually the only cheap parking to be found is on the highways during rush hour.

Online evaluations would be better, more complete

'Tis the season for turkeys, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and family dinners.'Tis also the season for finals, term papers and, most important, evaluation forms.This...

Evaluations target areas to improve teaching

Erica Savage has had professors she could not stand.Savage, a sophomore Spanish major, said she has used TCU's Student Perception of Teaching forms a few times to complain about professors.

She said the forms are important because they give students a chance to voice their opinions. And in one situation, she said, her complaints were heard.

Savage said she took second- and third-level Spanish classes from the same professor. She said the professor changed the third-level class in the specific areas targeted by students in the previous class's evaluations.

TCU should make standard software available

These days, Microsoft Office is essential. As much as I hate to give any credit to the world's largest software manufacturer, without Word, Excel...
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