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Finding perfect running mate lands candidates in tough spot

Some of the more renowned talking heads chose to waltz with the 2008 presidential campaign at Wednesday's Schieffer Symposium. The discussion drifted to and...

University’s decision to denounce reverend overbearing

Would future "ethical leaders and responsible citizens in a global community" do well to take recent cues from our school's administrative leadership?

The question stems from Brite Divinity School over Brite's decision to recognize the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ.

Wright is notable because he has a long-standing pastoral relationship with Sen. Barack Obama. A few of his sermons have included incendiary remarks that have Obama in political peril.

Obama’s stand on War in Iraq, energy, college distinguishes candidate from...

My vote in the Texas Primary Election is going to Sen. Barack Obama because I believe he provides an opportunity to restore faith in...

Obama’s message similar to JFK’s, deserves leader’s recognition

The 2008 Texas Primary Election has landed in the Lone Star State and Texas voters can finally play a pivotal role in a presidential...
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