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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Fans should be supportive no matter what the outcome

It was a good run. Twelve victories in one season, a nationally-recognized team and a magnificent coach that ended the year and the decade...

University alert system a ploy to control community

The other day, the university tested its much-anticipated TCU Alert System. In an instant, most of the campus population received text messages and e-mails to be used as a preliminary mass message system. The concept seems to have worked thus far, allowing the administration to quickly notify students, faculty and staff about any pressing matters. These can range from weather fiascoes, changes in school functions and other disasters on campus.

Presidential debates end with nothing said

If you had the misfortune of setting time aside to watch the three presidential debates and could actually pick out a policy or plan that either candidate supported, then I applaud you. The three debates were nothing more than chances for the two candidates to size one another up, all while hurling insults back and forth and stumbling over their proposed plans for America's future. All the debates showed me was that both were fighting for the common man.

Keep the rainboots, Uggs in the closet

Rain and cold bring out several things here in the middle of Texas. It turns the easiest drive into a sluggish nightmare as Texan drivers suddenly lose the ability to pilot their vehicles the minute precipitation falls from the sky. Rain also gives people an excuse to call into work, either citing horrid driving conditions or personal illness attributed to cold. And rain also brings out the worst in the history of fashion, namely rain boots and Uggs.

Blaring music from idle cars annoying to pedestrians

As most students do several times a day, I have to cross University Drive to get to and from classes scattered about campus.

Simple enough in itself, it is made somewhat slower by the heavy "green" traffic on bicycles and the folks who congregate in large blobs and have conversations in the middle of the walkways. I am willing to look past all those distractions so long as I make it to class on time.

BLUU a bad acronym for Union

Every time I look at the new University Union, I cannot help but feel a small part of my TCU experience has been robbed from me. With a $49.3 million price tag, the Brown-Lupton University Union was finally finished Aug. 18, ushering in a new era of students paying an average of $8 for a meal and getting lost in the process. It has replaced the Brown-Lupton Student Center, a building most sophomores and above could appreciate.

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