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Credit cards beneficial if used wisely

Becoming a legal adult at the age of 18 comes with many new liberties, such as the ability to purchase tobacco or play the lottery. Of these many new privileges, perhaps the most overlooked yet beneficial privilege is the ability to sign up for credit cards.While most new adults avoid credit cards on the basis that they are evil or dangerous, a credit card, combined with a little discipline and responsibility, can be a convenient tool for establishing a good credit rating and saving money.

FairTax plan best resolution for confusing tax time

As tax day approaches, millions of Americans scramble to make sense of yet another income tax return. In the process, many discover the ridiculous complexity and unfairness of America's income tax system. Some 66,000 pages of tax rules govern the system, rules that even professionals do not always understand. As a result, most tax returns are inaccurate, meaning people are paying too much or too little tax.

Campus needs more organic options

Most TCU students would agree that on-campus dining isn't exactly Mom's home cooking. Many have complained about high prices as well as an overall...
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