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New eating disorder focus of lecture

Faculty and staff were encouraged to look for signs of orthorexia nervosa, an obsession with eating healthy that some consider a clinical disorder, in...

Returning veteran nurses limits jobs for nursing graduates

Recent nursing graduates may find job hunting more difficult as veteran nurses return to work because of recession-related financial stresses, an industry expert said.

Clair Jordan, executive director of the Texas Nurses Association, said most nurses who return to the workforce after retirement do so to compensate for the income of spouses who have lost their jobs or to provide a second income to their households. As a result, new graduates may not be able to get their first choice in terms of shifts or areas of work.

University celebrates minister’s 25 years of contribution

Students and faculty will show their appreciation today for a minister who has been with the university community for 25 years, an associate chaplain said.

Associate Chaplain Jake Hofmeister said the focus of the event would be Father Charlie Calabrese, the Catholic minister at the university.

Calabrese first came to the university in 1984. According to his staff biography, Calabrese was previously a campus minister at Ohio University for eight years.

Students brave weather to attend candlelight vigil for Haiti

Editor's note: This story was revised for accuracy at 9:25 p.m. Feb. 13.Despite the snow that covered campus, more than 30 people gathered Thursday...

Starpoint engineering group wins two trophies for robotics

The Starpoint Pavers, an engineering group at Starpoint School, took home two top trophies in its first robotics competition.

Sherry Oliver, a technology instructor at the school and the group's supervisor, said she got the idea for a robotics team from a conference she attended the previous year. After presenting the idea to Starpoint, the school received two grants worth about $750 each from the College of Science and Engineering and the Andrews Institute, Oliver said.

Black Student Association adds speakers and events to spur turnout

In a new initiative to boost dwindling attendance numbers, theÿBlack Student Association will add speakers and events to its meetings, a BSA official said.Jessica...

Tunnel of Oppression focusing on greater detail for topic

The Tunnel of Oppression is coming, and so are big changes in the way the event is run, an event official said.

Trisha Teig, chair of the Housing and Residence Life Diversity Committee, said this year's participating organizations will have help from an expert of their choosing in the subject of their presentations for the tunnel. She said the addition of expert opinions will make the presentations more accurate and help the groups learn more about their subjects.

Health center: H1N1 should continue to decrease

The university administered about 42 percent of the 2,900 H1N1 vaccine doses it received in December and returned the rest, according to the Brown-Lupton Health Center.

Stacey Simpson, administrative assistant at the Brown-Lupton Health Center, wrote in an e-mail that the health center received the 2,900 doses from the Tarrant County Public Health Department and administered 1,211 to students and faculty before returning 1,600 to the health department. The health center began offering the vaccine to all enrolled students Dec. 11.

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