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Netflix offers new way to rent movies

Imagine an alternative life where you don’t have to leave home to be entertained by movies. No lines, no due dates, no hassling with...

Every day should be special

SportsCenter and Miller Lite.

What else could a guy want for Valentine’s Day? Maybe Bud Lite to mix things up a bit and, well ... you know!

But really, what is the point of Valentine’s?

Him to her: What to give

Necklace or bracelet

Her to him: What to get

DVDs Though it seems general and impersonal to girls, a guy will be grateful for the thought. One or two DVDs is fine, and you...

Him to her: What not to give

Stuffed Animals We’re in college! Get away from stuffed animals as a way of showing affection. Unless it has a necklace or bracelet around its...

Her to him: What not to get

Anything Mushy

The future is now showing

It’s a toss up when going to the movies. Do you drive farther to look for a parking spot almost aimlessly and sit next...

Best movies:

The year has produced many movies worthy of a “Best Movie” title by their name and while we could, but won’t, give credit for...

Hollywood pitches no-hitters

“Seabiscuit” was a true story, and while I guess I don’t mind horses, I quickly got bored. Perhaps a human who thinks he’s an...

Pop, politics and power couples

Saddam Hussein’s capture was shown worldwide and has to be one of America’s (if not Bush’s) best moments. Does it make up for Arnold...
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