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Slideshow: Tunnel of Oppression sheds light on important issues

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Holocaust museum featurette

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Athletes need to realize image as role models

The headlines of sports stars tangled in sex scandals have become disturbingly commonplace. The latest athlete at the center is Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben...

DFW Swing slideshow

Health profession schools came to the university for DFW Swing to talk with students about what each of their schools had to offer on...

Knowledge of health care reform important for students

With the debate still raging over the passage of health care reform legislation, many questions still linger regarding what changes will be made. Some...

Bartender remembered by friends and family at Oui Lounge

A bartender well-known among university students will be honored by friends and his family at Oui Lounge this weekend.

Trent Reid was a bartender at the Blue Bonnet Circle location for 28 years before he died of cancer March 1 at the age of 56. Co-workers and "regulars" will hold a memorial for him Saturday night with music by guitarist Bill Hamm, a friend of Reid's, and barbecue.

Chad Chipman, a bartender at the Oui Lounge, said Reid was not only known for his long beard and cowboy hat, but also for his love of history and reading.

Nontraditional students should receive more support from the university

Just as the university provides a well-promoted support network for first-year and international students, it should make more visible efforts to provide the same...

Ghana an opportunity for students to experience a new culture

The study abroad program in Ghana scheduled for May is a well-needed expansion of the university's programs in Africa.The university's administration stressed that students...

New Zealand and Australia on the map for students

Students hoping for a good look at the Shire from "The Lord of the Rings" or a scenic trip through the land down under have signed up for a new study abroad program in New Zealand and Australia offered by the film-TV-digital media department.

The summer program, which takes place over three weeks, is open to all majors and will be supervised by FTDM professors Tricia Jenkins and Andy Haskett. According to the FTDM study abroad Web site, the program will only be offered once by the department every three to four years.

University should revise emergency notification policy

The discovery of a dead 20-year-old female student at an off-campus residence Monday night brought up many questions as to the circumstances of her death.

The news of junior nursing major Amanda Bebout's death brought a mixture of emotions ranging from shock to sadness to concerns about a possible homicide. For the university, it seems that the need to warn the campus came into conflict with the risk of disseminating information that had not been made official at the time. The decision to go public with an inaccurate statement could have resulted in panic.

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