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Abercrombie Kids’ bikini damages girls’ healthy self-image

Summer is approaching, and females everywhere are scrambling to find the perfect swimsuit to accentuate the body they have shamelessly dieted for. This year,...

‘Guitar Hero’ will not be soon forgotten

"Guitar Hero" will be no more, according to an announcement by Activision Blizzard on Feb. 9. It came following Viacom's decision to sell its own unit that created the "Rock Band" video games.

The game, created by RedOctane in collaboration with Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. studio, made its world debut in 2005.

It quickly gained popularity, and it's not hard to guess why. Ordinary people could feel like they were masters of guitar. Those of us who are tone deaf could actually play music that sounded like music.

Make up days aren?t needed

Local school districts are scrambling to catch up after the snowstorms that swept across most of the country the past two weeks caused numerous school cancellations.

TCU's campus closed for a total of five days. Public schools also were forced to shut down across North Texas, according to a Feb. 3 article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Although the yearly schedule already has two snow days built in, the weather required students to miss an additional three days, which has put many classes behind.

Social media plays vital role in national disasters

Tweets. Status updates. Blog posts. Our lives are saturated with social networking sites. Known among college students as the great tool of procrastination, Facebook is especially notorious for sucking much-needed time out of an already busy day. There's no indication that social network users will stop visiting these sites anytime soon. In my opinion, then, it's important that something be done to put them to good use and let something worthwhile come out of all the time that people spend online.

Sexual orientation does not affect a person?s ability to fight

On Tuesday the U.S. Senate voted 56-43 against lifting the ban that prohibits homosexuals from serving openly in the military. This repeal, along with...
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