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Letter to the Editor: Construction exacerbates parking problem

After three weeks of holiday comfort food and home cooking, the first stop on my list after I got back to TCU was the campus Rec Center. I was looking forward to finally snagging a great parking space with almost no competition.

Unfortunately, once I arrived at the site, I was greeted, not by a practically empty parking lot, but by a fenced-off mound of dirt and gravel.

I was even more chagrined to learn that the lot wasn't just temporarily closed for paving: it was being replaced with a new administration building.

Student to make Carnegie Hall debut in May

Voice performance major Suzanne Vinnik probably isn't the only 22-year-old who dreams of making it big as a singer in New York.

But Vinnik doesn't want to write the next chart-topping single or see her face on MTV. In fact, the Las Vegas native said she barely follows pop music.

"I pretty much listen to opera constantly," the soprano said. "Sometimes I need a break from it, so I'll just listen to whatever's on the radio, but it's pretty much all I listen to."

Theater students to showcase Christmas classics

While students all over campus review their notes in preparation for finals, the cast members of Theatre TCU's production "We Need a Little Christmas" are busy with a different kind of revue.

"I don't think that a musical revue is something that a lot of our contemporary students have been exposed to," said Harry Parker, the show's director. "It's very fast-paced. There is no dialogue: no one talks really, there's maybe a line here and there. There's no scenes, there's no monologues: it's just song after song after song."

Student hopes former assignment will be future classic

Katie-Rose Watson didn't set out to write a children's book. She was planning on writing a poem about pain for her creative writing class."My...

Administrator: Obama’s financial aid plans not likely to affect campus

Although the amount of financial aid students receive probably won't change under the Obama administration, the application process they go through might, the director of scholarships and financial aid said.

Mike Scott, director of scholarships and financial aid, said he's for President-elect Barack Obama's plans to eliminate the FAFSA and replace it with a checkbox on families' tax forms, although there are still some procedural details that need to be worked out.

Minimal sets, props characterize award-winning play

The exhortation of the play "Our Town" to enjoy life to its fullest transcends the time during which it was written, cast members said.Because...

Japanese instrcutors hopes to impart culture to dance students

Most TCU students do not get the chance to study abroad in Japan. But thanks to the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance and Fort Worth Sister Cities, students can experience a piece of Japanese culture here on campus.

Instructors from the Fujima Dance School in Nagaoka, Japan, will teach students at the School for Dance how to perform two traditional Japanese dances and lecture on the importance of dance in Japanese history and culture next week, said Ellen Page Shelton, chair of the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance.

Adminstrator: Instances of hateful response to election reported on campus

Ashleigh Cleveland and her roommate stayed up until 1:30 a.m. Wednesday working on a collage to celebrate President-elect Barack Obama's victory.

It adorned their door in Foster Hall for less than 30 minutes.

"I went to take a shower, and I came back a little after 2 a.m.," the freshman premajor said. "They had already ripped stuff and left it on the floor."

Cleveland said her roommate had heard someone laughing outside their room, but the person ran off before she could identify the perpetrator.

Study says chronic illnesses contracted in college affect GPAs

Cristina de la Guardia was halfway through her first semester at TCU when she began experiencing severe headaches accompanied by nausea and vertigo.

Her symptoms were caused by hydrocephalus, a chronic condition characterized by an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain. De la Guardia was first diagnosed with hydrocephalus when she was 6 years old, and she an operation to install a shunt, which is a tube that allows the excess fluid to drain from her brain.

On-campus art gallery exhibit features political theme

It's almost impossible to avoid talking politics during an election year, especially when you spend a lot of time near a university. But the...
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