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Experience India raises money for library 10,000 miles away

In India, the swipe of an ID card won't grant access to a library. In the rural areas, libraries are rare, so a university organization...

Tunisian student worries about family’s safety

This semester Slah Mbarek said he turned his focus away from school and tennis to his concern for his family's well-being during the eruption of violent protests in his hometown of Tunis, Tunisia. He said he heard the fear in their voices and violence in the background in daily Skype video chats with his family.

"You just hear helicopters going everywhere and shooting going everywhere," he said. "So all I hear is that they're scared and I just try to stay on Skype with them as much as possible."

SGA to provide free scantrons

The morning frenzies some students encounter on test days could be erased now that 2,500 Scantrons will soon be en route to campus.

Student Government Association Vice President Brett Anderson said the Scantrons were scheduled to arrive in two to three weeks for a free trial in the Mary Couts Burnett Library, a place SGA saw as a convenient location for students. Anderson said the biggest issue for not getting the Scantrons in sooner was a drawn-out ordering process and the inability to communicate with other representatives over the holiday break.

Alumnus a finalist on NBC’s “The Apprentice”

As the economy crumbled and he struggled to get by, Clint Robertson wasn't sure whether it was sheer luck or his positive thoughts that helped him persevere through the toughest times. He knew he had two options: sit back and give up or do what was once his last resort: sell his possessions to survive.

Now one of the final three contestants on the TV show "The Apprentice," things are finally looking up.

Lighting of the tree scheduled for Wednesday night

As the university makes the transition to the holiday season, it will host several events to keep students in good spirits, especially through finals.

According to a university's e-mail, there is an opportunity for students to give back to the community this holiday season. The campus organization Order of Omega is sponsoring an Angel Tree gift drive for children in the Fort Worth branch of Child Protective Services.

Don’t leave items in car unattended

As Sgt. Kelly Ham responded to a call for a suspicious vehicle in a campus parking lot, he said he counted 12 visible GPS devices on car dashboards.

He said when he attended the call for the suspicious vehicle, it didn't seem like students paid close attention to the warnings that had been sent out in regard to the recent burglaries.

"If the burglars don't see anything to steal, more than likely they won't break out a window to look through the car," he said.

Greek life provides opportunity for internships, jobs

To senior Bobby Senter, Greek life has offered more than just a community of brothers.

Senter, a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity, said he got an internship at Citigroup through a fraternity brother who had connections with the company.

While job positions are limited, especially in the current economy, the networking that comes along with the Greek system can help students get over that hump, he said.

Campus event will host discussions about gender and social media issues

Student Affairs Women's and Men's Programs will host a discussion board about gender issues and the influence of social media from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today in the Campus Commons.

Assistant Dean of Student Development Services Cyndi Walsh said the goal for The Gender Social Network event is to promote dialogue and conversation about gender issues and how certain social networking sites, such as Facebook, affect those issues.

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