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Keeping a wild animal captive leads to mistakes

Last Wednesday a trainer at SeaWorld in Orlando was killed by a whale. According to CNN, trainer Dawn Brancheau was one of the park's...

Tiger Woods apology disappointing and insincere

On Feb. 19, Tiger Woods broke his three-month silence with a long-awaited 14-minute televised apology. I watched, cringing, as Woods read woodenly from a prepared statement, saying things like he thought since he had "worked so hard" he was "entitled" to "enjoy the temptations" all around him that fame and fortune had brought. He mentioned thinking he didn't have to live within normal marital boundaries, apparently including being faithful. I don't know who wrote this speech, but those things made him sound really arrogant.

Airing the video of luger’s death unnecessary and unethical

The 2010 Winter Olympic games got off to a sad start. A 21-year-old luger from the Republic of Georgia, Nodar Kumaritashvili, died after a tragic accident during a practice run. As if the accident itself wasn't awful enough, footage of the young man's last run played and replayed on major networks, and was even aired before the opening ceremony. It has now spread all over the Internet, which is a sad commentary on the desensitization of our society.

Settling for something less in marriage unacceptable

Lori Gottlieb, an author and commentator on NPR, has come up with a controversial theory. She presents this theory in a new book titled...

Super Bowl needs to realize its audience includes homosexuals too

An advertisement touting a gay dating Web site was rejected from the Super Bowl commercial line up, according to CNN.com. The ad, which features two men watching the game, begins with both men reaching for the chip bowl at the same time and ends with the two guys kissing passionately. It made me giggle out loud when I watched it, and it didn't seem any worse than the usual bevy of ads featuring bikini-wearing girls, sexual entendres or scantily clad members of both sexes. So why was it pulled?

Pregnancy increase unsurprising

Is anyone really surprised that the teen pregnancy rate has risen for the first time in 15 years? Sadly, the 3 percent increase is...

Women’s role as mom and breadwinner grown over the decade

When most people saw Teri Garr dressed in a suit and heading out the door for work while Michael Keaton changed diapers in the hit movie "Mr. Mom," I'm sure no one thought it was foreshadowing. Back in 1983, it seemed unlikely that a woman could ever be the primary breadwinner. In 2010, it is no longer just a movie plot. It's many couples' reality.

According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, wives are now the primary wage earner in 22 percent of homes. It's unbelievable that women were only 7 percent of primary breadwinners in 1970. We've come a long way, baby.

China feels the consequences of the one-child policy

Millions of Chinese men are going to be growing old alone due to the country's outdated one-child policy, according to the news service AFP. As many as 24 million men could find themselves with no wives by the year 2020. Could China not see this one coming?

The rule, which has been in place for over 30 years, was originally enforced due to overpopulation worries. This has caused there to be a glut of male births and sex-selective abortions, according to the AFP article.

Lambert kiss was a freedom of expression

People were shocked at Adam Lambert's so called "controversial" performance at the American Music Awards last weekend. The flashy performance included a same-sex kiss (Lambert is openly gay), and a few seconds where oral sex was simulated with one of the dancers and a middle finger. Lambert admitted he got "carried away" when he was performing, and because of the late hour (late enough to avoid any FCC fines, according to RollingStone.com) he didn't think it was a big deal.

Swine flu has no place on planes

It is truly mystifying to me that people can't use good common sense when they are ill. Children's parents frequently send them to class...
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