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Business school moves up in program rankings

Neeley undergrads are getting the most bang for their buck, according to the 2008 BusinessWeek rankings of the nation's undergraduate business schools.The Neeley School...

Prison program helps inmates improve lives, stay out of jail

Prison is the last place most people would expect Neeley School of Business graduates to end up, but it is exactly where Andrew Kramer, a 2007 graduate of the Neeley MBA program, wanted to be.

Kramer works as a grant writer for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, which aims to help prison inmates change their lives for the better through education and a passion for entrepreneurship.

Survey shows expected salaries for various occupations in the area

Rachel Sauer is not worried about making enough money to support herself when she graduates.

Sauer, a senior from Fredericksburg, is studying management and plans to work in corporate law. Management is the highest-paid occupation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and legal occupations are second, according to the National Compensation Survey released earlier this year by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Fallen telephone poles block area near campus

Two telephone poles and another smaller pole fell Tuesday afternoon when a Coca-Cola delivery truck's top corner caught some wires in Worth Hills, and students will not be able to drive through the area near the accident for a while, a TCU police officer said.

One of the poles fell into a house on Pond Drive ­- the street that connects Worth Hills to Bellaire Drive North - and a neighboring apartment complex. Nobody was injured.

CEO shares the importance of trust in leadership

Some people think trusting people is too risky, but not Stephen M.R. Covey.

"While there is some risk in trust, there is also risk in not trusting people - more risk," said Stephen M.R. Covey, author of "The Speed of Trust" and CEO and co-founder of CoveyLink Worldwide Co., a leadership consulting firm.

If people can create a culture of trust in a low-trust world, they will have an advantage, Covey told students and business professionals at the Neeley Author Series Monday evening.

Academic scholarships to rise with tuition

The university will increase academic scholarships at the same percentage rate as tuition next year, the director of scholarships and financial aid said.

Tuition will increase 8.4 percent to $26,900, and each academic scholarship will increase 8.4 percent also, said Mike Scott, director of scholarships and financial aid.

Business executive emphasizes employee happiness rather than customers

Despite the economy's recent downturn, businesses should put their employees, not customers, first, the CEO of The Container Store said Wednesday at the Tandy...

Exhaust fumes trigger alarm at GrandMarc

A fire alarm sounded Tuesday afternoon at the GrandMarc because a car in the basement of the parking garage was emitting excessive exhaust fumes, said Marcus Martin, resident services manager for the GrandMarc. Nobody was injured by the fumes.

Retail customers and people inquiring about renting GrandMarc apartments are the only people allowed to park in the basement of the parking garage, he said.

Proposed changes to business minor await approval

The Neeley School of Business is in the process of restructuring its general business minor, the dean of the business school said.

Students who declare a business minor after spring 2008 will be under the restructured minor if the business school faculty, Undergraduate Council and University Council approve the changes by the end of this semester, said Bill Moncrief, senior associate dean of the Neeley School of Business.

Students responsible for academic honesty and intergrity

A recent study by the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University found that on most college campuses, more than 75 percent of students admit to some form of cheating.I don't know about you, but I think that number is huge.

But what constitutes cheating? Most students think that cheating is just copying other students' answers on tests or buying pre-written essays.

But that is just a fraction of what cheating is.

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