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Social skills impeded by technology

You walk across campus. You see a friend from class. You wave at him but instead of waving back, he continues, focusing his eyes on his cell phone screen, texting intently. You walk through the Student Center lounge on your way back to the dorm. You see your roommate hanging out there. You try to say hi, but your words are wasted because he has headphones on, blasting music into his ears.

Frog fans should treat others with respect

When you think of football games, what do you think of? Cheering in the stands until you lose your voice? Painting your face so...

New Main hours inconvenient

Last Saturday was a long day for me. I was at a retreat all morning and spent the afternoon studying. About 6:30 p.m., I was ready for dinner so I headed off to The Main with a couple of my friends. When I got there, I was shocked. The Main was closed.As many of you have probably noticed, The Main has changed its weekend operating hours. It's now only open from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. Fridays and 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturdays. So, what are students supposed to do for dinner on weekends? Walk to Worth Hills and wait in an exceptionally long line to pay an inordinate price for food at Pond St.

College education should go beyond just teaching students facts, data

Students go to college for a variety of reasons. Many students attend universities to increase their earning potential. Others go to college for personal fulfillment. Some people simply go to college to have fun - or even earn their "Mrs. Degree." However, Ronald B. Standler, a Massachusetts attorney who specializes in higher education law, believes that the primary purpose of a university education should be to teach students how to think.Unfortunately, many students go to college and do not learn how to think; rather, they learn what to think.

Students should stop SGA complaints to notice positives

"I don't see the purpose of SGA." "SGA is just wasting my money." "I didn't even know we had a student government." These are just a few of the reactions we hear mentioned about the Student Government Association. When I first heard these responses, I was shocked. Most students seem either apathetic about SGA or hold a negative opinion of it.

Chelsea Smith, a freshman English major, said that she really doesn't know much about SGA.

"Basically, my only involvement with Student Government is when it says 'SGA Presents...' on the menu in The Main," she says.

College’s extracurricular pleasures should not distract from studies

A recent study by the ACT concluded that only 53 percent of students complete their college degrees within six years. When I first heard this sobering statistic, I was shocked. Why do nearly half of all students drop out of college? Are universities intentionally "too tough" in order to limit the benefits of higher education to only half their students? Or can anyone succeed in college with hard work and the right priorities? I believe the reason so many students fail in college is not due to the education system but due to their mixed up priorities and lack of motivation.

More extensive vocabulary needed to educate public

I often open the newspaper and wonder why I never see words more than eight or nine letters. Sentences longer than 15 words? ...
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