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Sprinter adjusts to life with newborn

Kristal Juarez steps into the blocks.

The voice behind the microphone quiets the crowd.

"On your mark."

Her nerves cause her body to shake and her muscles to coil.


Seconds pass. Waiting for the final shot seems like an eternity.


She never looks back; she only moves forward. Those people closest to her say her drive pushes her through any struggles - the fear of losing is motivation enough.

Army ROTC cadet’s internship places her at nation’s capital

Not so "top secret" are the achievements of one cadet.June Lietz, a senior radio-TV-film and history major, spent last summer around top-secret activity, but...

ROTC cadets: Program provides valuable post-graduation options

I, Name Here, having been appointed to the rank of 2nd Lt. in the United States Air Force, do solemnly swear ...

Word for word, nine TCU cadets of aerospace studies, Air Force ROTC, will recite the oath of office, binding words that tie them to their new career. Three pieces of rank, gold bars, one bar on each shoulder and one to their hat, will be pinned by family or friends recognizing their accomplishments over the last four years.

Inaugural event to showcase research

The inaugural AddRan Distinguished Faculty Lectureship Series will be an opportunity for faculty and students to reflect on a big question of our time, an associate religion professor said.

Jack Hill, associate religion professor, said his lecture, "How Do We Educate Ethical Leaders for a Post 9/11 World?" will address issues of ecology, diversity, particularly race and class, and issues of social change and transformation in an increasingly complex, multicultural world.

Lecture to explore writing methods in new media

The preset rules of writing - Times New Roman font, one-inch margins and double-spacing - are changing, a Michigan State University associate professor said.Danielle...

Professor to speak on presidential pastimes

President Andrew Jackson knew winning was not guaranteed, but still loved to gamble.President Bush uses nicknames within his administration.Buried beneath the political history that...

Latina/o studies minor first of its kind in region

The university will now offer a Latina/o studies minor within the AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The new minor is an interdisciplinary program that is not bound by geographical borders, like the Latin American studies minor that was canceled last year, said Hjamil Martinez-Vazquez, a religion professor and the main proponent of the new program.

Professor: Roman cults important to Roman culture

Cult and religion are synonymous for some religious sects within Roman culture, an adjunct anthropology professor told students and faculty Monday.

Over a catered lunch, students and faculty listened to a lecture by Jennifer Lockett, adjunct anthropology professor and classical archaeologist, titled "Ancient Roman Cults and Mystery Religions," organized by Chi Delta Mu , an academic religious student organization. Chi Delta Mu is open to all students and organizes weekly lectures in different disciplines every Monday.

Extended orientation program to be required of all freshmen

Connections will be a mandatory program for incoming freshmen next year in an effort to improve freshman retention rates, said an assistant dean of Student Development Services.

According to the 2007 TCU Fact Book, the university lost more than 15 percent of freshman students. Carrie Zimmerman, assistant dean of Student Development Services, said this is a sign that there are programs that can be improved.

Language barrier can be overcome abroad, author says

Language is the greatest obstacle for students studying abroad, an associate professor in English at DePaul University said.

During a question-and-answer meeting, student heard about Green Honors Chair speaker Michele Morano's adventures abroad, and students voiced their concerns about international travel.

Morano, the author of "Grammar Lessons: Translating a Life in Spain," said it is impossible to avoid embarrassment when studying abroad in a foreign country.

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