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Web sites provide info, safety

There may be a new trend, but this time, it's not fashion or hairstyles. Over the past year, registered sex offenders have been the target of violence, raising ethical questions about Web sites providing detailed information on sex offenders in nearly every state.Slightly more than a week ago, two registered sex offenders in the state of Maine were found shot to death in their towns, 25 miles away from each other.

Sex video game goes too far

What better way to steer people away from playing video games wrought with violence than to invent one based on "making love"?With all the games out on the market revolving around war, boxing, gunfights and all those other activities in which men love to partake in a virtual world, some companies are developing a new choice: games where players meet other cartoon-like characters, flirt and have sex.

Professor: Couric’s fate up to viewers

A new role and a new audience face NBC's "Today" anchor Katie Couric.Couric announced Wednesday that she would step down as the 15-year anchor of "Today" to join the "CBS Evening News," which is currently anchored by Bob Schieffer, who was the moderator of "The Changing Communications Landscape" symposium Wednesday evening in the Student Center Ballroom.

Couric's fate in her new capacity will be determined by viewer reaction.

"CBS Evening News" draws an audience of 7.5 million, where "Today" brings about 6 million.

New TABC policy questionable

People choosing to drink in local bars may be faced with more than a pounding headache and extreme nausea the morning after a night of fun.Thanks to a recent decision to send undercover officers of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission into bars in search of people who are publicly intoxicated, local bar patrons may want to reconsider just how much they plan on drinking when they head out on the town.

Finding financial security after college

College graduates will walk across the stage in May, confident their education has provided them with the knowledge and wisdom needed to be successful in the future; however, there is one area in which young professionals are less savvy - consumer credit.Bud Hibbs, a consumer credit expert in Fort Worth, says the biggest problem facing recent college graduates and young people in general is ignorance.

Body movin’

Being a veteran classical ballet dancer of nine years and an avid 25-mile-a-week runner, I was immediately intrigued when I heard some women describe a free-form aerobic dance class they had taken, having mistaken it initially as Yoga.Their voices were animated and full laughter over the enjoyment and release this class provided. I am always looking for new ways to get a good workout and continue my love of dance, so this was something I had to try.


With long, thoughtful gazes at a 12-year-old photo of himself with his three triplet baby girls, this father describes his passion in life and his struggles as a parent with a touch of sadness and pain in his eyes, all the while holding a tiny, 8-pound bundle. The 5-week-old baby boy grunts and squeals as the man coos, breaking into a smile and laughing at the funny noises babies make. His smile spreads from ear to ear and excitement fills his voice.

‘Locks’ improves self-image

Imagine waking up day after day, looking in the mirror and seeing a person who is not like everyone else for the simple reason that he or she does not have any hair.In a world so consumed with outward appearance and model and movie star-quality beauty, a child suffering from medical hair loss is like a small fish trying to survive in shark-infested waters.

But there is hope and a way of helping. Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children 18 years old or younger suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

Pardon the pill-popping

America - the land of the quick fix and pill-popping to relieve any ache or pain - is being faced with a study supporting just how the mind can play tricks on those seeking relief through any means available.In a recent government study that is part of the effort to examine unregulated health remedies, such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for the treatment of arthritis, it was found that an alarming percentage of participants taking the placebo, or dummy pills, reported an improvement in their pain.

Charity merge helps community

Great minds think alike. That's precisely the problem. With more than 5,000 nonprofit agencies in Tarrant County, there is bound to be an overlap in providing services, as reported in the Jan. 20 Skiff article on homelessness in Fort Worth.The Women's Shelter in Arlington and the Women's Haven of Tarrant County, the two largest domestic violence shelters in Tarrant County, have realized the benefits of combining two minds to achieve a shared goal. The two shelters have merged to form SafeHaven Tarrant County.

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