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Valentine’s Day losing meaning

There are several legends swirling around about the history of St. Valentine and where exactly Valentine's Day originated. The Roman Catholic Church recognizes three saints named either Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred.According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting himself to a young girl with whom he fell in love during his imprisonment. It is alleged that he signed the letter, 'From your Valentine,' which is still used today.

SGA needs to show worth

The Skiff has been criticized time and time again by the Student Government Association for a slanted, often biased portrayal of what SGA does. That is just the point. What do they do? With five positions in the executive branch, 10 in the legislative branch, another five on Programming Council and four on the Judicial Board, one wonders, what do all these people do and what purpose is served?

TCU Black History Month 2006 Calendar of Events

TCU Black History Month 2006Wednesday, February 1
Kickoff - Real Talk
SC Lounge
12:00 p.m.
Student-led discussion on various topics that revolve around the Black community in Fort Worth and on the TCU campus.

Worship Service & Fellowship Dinner Honoring Black History
Robert Carr Chapel
5:15 p.m.
A nod to various leaders who have been instrumental in the Civil Rights arena, theology, social issues and more. A free fellowship dinner immediately following the service. Fellowship dinner immediately following service.

Bush’s speech merits attention

President Bush will appear before Congress and the American people tonight to deliver his State of the Union address. With the low-approval rating the president has received recently, everyone should be paying attention tonight.Historically, dating back to George Washington delivering the first address on January 8, 1790, the annual State of the Union has been an opportunity for the president to assess the current standing of the union and present what his goals and agenda are for the future.

In the line of duty

In times of war, the troops receive the support and backing, and deservedly so, from the American people; however, there are numerous other noncombat roles that seem to fall under the radar. We often hear in the news of journalists being captured and killed but then nothing more. Where are the national tributes and memorials for them? Their families and friends are the only ones left to remember. In the most recent case, Jill Carroll, a freelance writer for the Christian Science Monitor, was captured Jan. 7 in western Baghdad, according to CNN.com, and is still missing.

New bill may cause more debt

Money is a sensitive subject for many college students - from budgeting a monthly allowance to having a regular job and paying for living and school expenses. On July 1, students and their families may face one more hiccup when it comes to managing their finances. Although the director of financial aid at TCU said lenders will be most affected by a bill recently passed by the Senate to cut $12.7 million from federal student loan programs over the next five years, many worry students and families will be burdened with even more college-related debt.

Survey: Grade expectations high

Getting above-average grades with relatively few hours of work is an ideal situation for a college student.According to the 2005 National Survey of Student Engagement, students coming to college are expecting just that.

More than 90 percent of students entering college expect to receive grades of B or better, but less than 20 percent expect to spend more than 25 hours a week studying, the amount of time which most faculty say is needed, according to the survey.

Mills: Express shuttle services being discussed

After she and her husband had commuted more than 160 miles a day - and spent more than $600 a month on gas - Paola Chernosky saw a need for change.The Fort Worth Transportation Authority provided an answer.

Chernosky, an administrative assistant in the office of admissions, lives 40 miles south of Fort Worth in Grandview. She used to spend 50 minutes commuting by car to campus; she now spends just over an hour but has cut her family's monthly gas usage in half.

Dinner is served

The topic of food on campus is like the lack of facility space and student parking - it's endlessly debated. Students often complain about the variety of dining plans and the cost of food, but TCU administrators, Sodexho managers and Student Government Association officers maintain that students are getting a better deal than they think.

A common complaint among 100 TCU students interviewed was that dining plans cannot be used at surrounding community restaurants, like many other university students are able to do.

Before judging Greeks, know the system

After reading a recent Skiff column about one freshman's experience at TCU thus far, I realized just how uninformed some are about Greek societies. I can see where it would be easy to simplify being a part of such an organization to "paying for your friends" if you were unaware of the good that Greeks do. However, I think that before voicing such strong opinions, one should further research the system before criticizing it.I can admit that I am not the most active participant in my Greek society, Kappa Alpha Theta.

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