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Spreading the word

Ralph McCloud couldn't believe his eyes as he stood on a stage near the Fort Worth Convention Center and peered out on normally quiet streets. On Sunday, downtown streets were flooded with a sea of people marching against a pending federal immigration bill, hoping to leave an impression on politicians about the importance of drafting reasonable legislation.

Annabel Alonso, a demonstrator and freshman biology and criminal justice major, said there were people of all races protesting against the bill.

Family illness causes lecture to be canceled

The philosophy department's Green Honors Chair lecture scheduled for today was canceled because the speaker had to tend to his ill mother-in-law, a TCU philosophy professor said.Owen Flanagan, a philosophy professor at Duke University, was to speak to students about how meditation affects the brain during his speech, "The Bodhisattva's Brain: Neuroscience, Virtue and Happiness."

Phillip Galvin, a TCU philosophy professor, said he was disappointed Flanagan could not attend the lecture, but he understood the situation.

Serving a Sexual Society

Ford Broncos are from Mars, Toyota Sequoias are from Venus, or at least that's the thesis of a TCU assistant marketing professor.Consumers assign gender to products and remember them easier if product names correlate with a perceived gender, said Eric Yorkston, an assistant professor of marketing.

"These are nonconscious or automatic responses," Yorkston said. "So we don't register what these endings mean, but they spark something in our minds. Our languages are filled with these automatic responses from words."

Grants helping professors accomplish goals

When one professor wanted to create a field-intensive course, he turned to the Strategic Initiative Fund for assistance. With a $140,000 grant over three...

College suspends journalism minor, dean says

The College of Communication has suspended the admission of journalism minors for at least a year after the University Council denied the college's request...

Fires helpful when handled, director says

Smokey the Bear's "only you can prevent forest fires" slogan educated citizens about fires, but alumni and students at the ranch management Roundup learned that smoke on the horizon isn't always a bad thing.As the rain brought relief to dry conditions outside Saturday, Charles Taylor, the superintendant at the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Sonora Research Center, and ecologist Jim Ansley discussed with more than 70 people the benefits of prescribed fires, including improving vegetation, increasing plant and animal biodiversity, and preventing wildfires.

Faculty turn off news-source sensationalism

From the moment many students wake up, news floods through their dorm rooms and apartments by way of the television or the Internet, but for TCU professors, it's a different story.Jan Lacina, an assistant professor of education, said she enjoys watching "Primetime," "20/20" and the "Today Show" but admitted she doesn't have much time for TV.

"I have two young children and I work full-time so I don't have much time to do a lot of things," Lacina said. "I enjoy reading and writing because they are more stimulating."

Art of Scrounging

Most people don't think of the dumpster behind Panera Bread as a bakery or the trash pile behind Target as a supermarket, but for eight months, one TCU criminologist did.Jeff Ferrell, a professor of criminal justice, recently released his book "Empire of Scrounge" that details the eights months of dumpster-diving he did in Fort Worth.

After Ferrell, who grew up in Fort Worth, left a tenured post at Northern Arizona University in 2001 over a disagreement with administrators, he took the opportunity to live life as a scrounger.

Senate cuts billions from student loans

The U.S. Senate approved a bill to cut $12.7 billion over the next five years from federal student loan programs, but the director of financial aid said students would not be the biggest losers - lenders would. Mike Scott, the director of financial aid, said students should not expect changes in their loan programs, but he said the decision by Congress could result in lenders reducing borrower's benefits, such as origination fees - money taken out to start loans.

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