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Being interconnected through social media encourages flow of ideas, globalization, tolerance

This Easter, Catholics may be looking beyond their baskets full of chocolates and candies to a gift a little more unorthodox — the Vatican's...

Poor parenting cause of Cyrus strife

"The damn show destroyed my family." You would think he's referring to "Jersey Shore" or "Parental Control" or any other reality show that is so...

Sign me up for Quidditch

The first time I ever picked up a "Harry Potter" book was in fourth grade. It was library day for my class, and I had finished the series I'd been reading and needed something new.

Although I'd never heard of it before, I loved it from the moment I opened to page one of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." I became the mega-fan: the girl who can quote whole chapters of the books and act out each movie without breaking a sweat. Imagine my joy when I was first told about Quidditch at TCU.

Couple’s debate over snooping wastes time, money

A man from Rochester Hills, Mich. is in big trouble with his ex-wife for searching for clues of a suspected affair. Leon Walker, the third...

Is probable cause really enough?

A man from Rochester Hills, Mich. is in big trouble with his ex-wife for searching for clues of a suspected affair. Leon Walker, the third...

Daydreaming is helpful, but stay focused sometimes

Picture this: you're in a class and you are struggling to understand the material. You've got a big party tonight, and you start to focus less on the professor and more on what you're going to wear. An hour later, you walk out of class and realize you don't have a clue what happened during that time.

According to a study conducted by two Harvard psychologists using the iPhone application, "Track Your Happiness," "a wandering mind is an unhappy mind." But to me there is only one way that mind wandering can cause unhappiness.

Smokers know what they are doing

When TCU announced that Lady Antebellum would be playing the fall concert this year, I was ecstatic. It turned out to be just as wonderful as I'd expected. Halfway through the concert though, a man standing near me and my sister lit up a cigarette and began blowing smoke my sister's direction. She was coughing uncontrollably and having trouble breathing, so I switched spots with her. The smoke wasn't any easier on me. By the end of the concert I was thoroughly miserable.

Teen pregnancy not a new occurrence

As I'm writing this article from the relative comfort of a padded chair in the TCU library, many teens awaken to the sounds of their second or even their third child crying out for food, or for a diaper change or because their big brother woke them up. To those teens, the truth of early parenthood is all too real. They are constantly busy, caring for their children and working to support themselves. A few of them finish school. Most do not. And yet many of them are smart young women who stay strong in their faiths and stay involved in their communities.

Dear Waco: Thanks for everything

Texas Christian University

2800 S. University Dr.

Fort Worth, TX 76129

September 17, 2010

City of Waco, Texas

PO Box 2570

300 Austin Ave.

Waco, TX 76702

Dear City of Waco,

It has been more than 100 years since we were graced with your company and goodwill; more than a century since a fire on the fourth floor of our Main Building did more than $150,000 in damage to our facilities and resources and almost as long since we were forced to relocate due to financial strain.

Technology hinders student-family independence

Last week I lugged three laundry carts full of my belongings up the front steps of my dorm and down the hall to the room that would become my home for the next few months. I was accompanied by my immediate family, all of us sweating in the Texas heat and trying to beat the move-in crowd to the college hot spots.

Sweat quickly turned to tears as we said our goodbyes and they drove away into the sunset, not to be seen again for many long months. I went back to my dorm to enjoy my newfound freedom and bask in the glory of college life.

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