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Suicides resulting from bullying and discrimination must stop

In another recent report about teenage bullying by reporter Anderson Cooper, we learned that bullying is, in fact, still pervasive in this nation. Beyond...

‘The King?s Speech’ helps public understand disability

In a few minor ways, I psychologically mirror King George VI from the Oscar-winning movie based on his trials and tribulations involving stuttering, "The King's Speech." The movie is primarily about King George VI's stuttering problems and how they affected him throughout his regal life. The crux of the movie is that it relates to the general public the psychological problems that come with stuttering and how strongly they can affect the sufferer 8212; and perhaps that the stutterer through individual perseverance can overcome his or her stuttering.

Smart phone use creating a potential social discomfort

These days, I sometimes feel like my mind is being pulled in a million directions by a million separate threads 8212; most likely due to my smart phone. With iPhones and other devices rather pervasive throughout the market, people's minds are being pulled in more and more directions by the multitude of things these phones can do.

The reason smart phones are the most probable cause of our ever-stretched minds is that these phones can do so much. It is more of an argument to question what these phones cannot do, versus the abundance of things they can do.

Airlines should recover by good industry policies, not hidden fees

During the somewhat recent recession in America, airlines and related industries experienced some of the worst effects from the wilting economy and now customers are paying for these misfortunes with their wallets. Large airline corporations, such as American Airlines and Delta, experienced shrinking profits, layoffs and fewer customers.

Now airlines are making money again and seem to be profitable, and customers apparently are the victims again in this case. Profit margins for major carriers are up 9 percent, which is a result of customers paying more in fees.

The iPod is a musical, technological revolution

Pardon me for a moment, as I gingerly pull my earbuds out of my ear canals and turn off my iPod before I can continue writing. The iPod was released nine years ago this October and is one of the biggest success stories regarding electronics this decade, selling millions and providing parents a good device to take away from their kids for punishment.

That being said, iPods have become pervasive throughout society, much like cell phones now are. Both devices were once new to the market, and now most people ages 6 and up have one of the two or both.

Alcohol, caffeine a bad combination

Alcohol and caffeine have long been favorite chemicals of the human race. Recently, there has been a striking trend in both the United States and abroad of the sales of alcoholic drinks containing the stimulant caffeine.

On paper, the combination seems pretty harmless. Alcohol and caffeine have been used for thousands of years the world over and have a relatively safe track record when used wisely and in moderation. The problem with the combination of caffeine and alcohol is each chemicals' inherent effect on the body.

Cough syrup more dangerous than you know

When considering lumping dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in cough syrup, with the abuse of other controlled substances, the Food and Drug Administration almost made using and purchasing cough syrup for its legitimate purpose akin to buying possibly addictive painkillers through your local pharmacy. As of Sept. 14, an FDA panel voted against reclassifying dextromethorphan as a controlled substance and requiring a prescription for it. The FDA usually follows advisory panel suggestions, but it is not forced to follow them.

Air quality fears unfounded

In a controversial battle with residents of the Como area of Fort Worth, Chesapeake Energy decided to pull its request for natural gas drilling permits from the city of Fort Worth and end a drawn-out battle.

The answer surrounding this questionable withdrawal from drilling in the area may be found in the upcoming air quality study concerning natural gas drilling in North Texas. Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief supported funding the $600,000 study to satiate both concerned citizens and an ever-looming Environmental Protection Agency regulatory commission.

Google phone’s censorship calls to mind Orwell’s ‘1984’

We techno-geeks shall now liken George Orwell with the famous biblical prophet Jeremiah. Why this strange alignment, Johnny? Orwell created a fantastic, apocalyptic vision...

Tighter airport security a necessary evil

The glory days of flying are now over. Long gone are the days of beautiful, cheery flight attendants and bright-eyed, young pilots who earned their stripes in World War II or any other military conflict. The flight attendant job has been relegated to older women who look like one of the members of ZZ Top without the awesome beard. Pilots have turned into exhausted, worn out older men who always regale us with the weather at our destination in the same, monotonous pilot tone.

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