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Latin Americans find economic freedom in U.S.

It seems Latin Americans are putting their money to work; it's just taking a little trip first.The Inter-American Development Bank, a bank set up primarily to monitor and aid Latin American economies, reports that Latin American immigrants sent $62 billion from the United States to their native countries last year.

These payments, known as remittances, are part of the ongoing political debate surrounding immigration in the United States.

Rob Garnett, associate professor of economics, sees these remittances as a positive sign.

dancin’ in the streets

With 212 artists and more than 125 live performances, the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival offers a variety of art, food and music. The festival started Thursday and will run all weekend. Admission is free and with music acts going on stage as early as 11 a.m., there's plenty to see all day. The festival also brings a number of big names to Cowtown for free shows. Here are a few can't-miss shows.Otis Day & The Knights

Spring fever

The Fort Worth Botanic GardenIf you're looking for some peace and quiet in the middle of the city, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden offers a place to picnic with friends or reflect in solitude. Go at the right time and you might see one of the many weddings the Garden hosts.

With more than 11 separate gardens both indoors and outdoors, the Garden features everything a nature enthusiast might want.

The Oval Rose Garden is a charming place to relax.

The Garden also features an on-site restaurant and gift shop.

CD Review: Album not average folk fare

Willy Mason's debut record, "Where the Humans Eat," is a collection of thoughtful tunes from the 20-year-old songwriter that shows an artist speaking far beyond his college age.The record is a fabulous bunch of folk songs with a modern twist. Rather than talk about folk standby topics like tall tales and politics, Mason opts to use the folk form to verbalize the 20-something experience. If nothing else, Mason is undoubtably the first performer to use the name "Ritalin" in a folk song.

Band makes big splash

"Return To The Sea," the debut disc by Montreal-based collective Islands, starts out on an ambitious note.At nine-plus minutes, "Swan (Life After Death)" is...

Exhibit explores portraits

Artist Chuck Close laughed and joked as he led a group of reporters through his latest exhibit, "Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration," at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth on Wednesday."Painters are performance artists," Close said. "You just don't watch the performance."

The exhibit brings together not only the best of Close's work, but also the "rough drafts" and early prints that lead up to the final product.

Close said he had been waiting for a chance to exhibit the work behind the final product.

Dispelling the iPod hermit myth

I can't help it, I'm plugged in.I check my e-mail when I wake up in the morning, and I listen to podcasts in my car on my way to school via my iPod, which I plug into an FM transmitter to play on my stereo. Later in the day, I call home on my pocket-size cell phone and pick up movies I rented online via Netflix. As much as anyone, I'm part of the digital age.

But I'm also a late techno-bloomer. I can remember my family's first computer and spending hours (illegally) downloading Wallflowers on Napster.

Weighing in on Plus/Minus grading

Freshman radio-TV-film major Jeff Thurber works hard for his grades.He studies about 20 hours a week, more when he has tests, to maintain his 3.2 GPA, a solid B average.

Under the new system proposed by the Faculty Senate, however, Thurber's B average could be a plus.

Under the plus/minus grading system, recommended by the Senate in September 2005, Thurber would be a B+ student.

Since the debate first began two years ago, the proposed plus/minus system has been one of the most debated and misunderstood issues on campus.

Hit the road

By the weekend, Bryce McGuire can't wait to hit the trail."There's nothing like zooming along some sweet single track nestled in the forest and getting some air on a nice rock cropping," said McGuire, president of the Cowtown Area Mountain Bike Association.

Mountain biking can offer many general health benefits, including weight loss, lower blood pressure and relief from lower back pain, said Allen Johnson, who teaches beginner's mountain biking clinics.

"It keeps me feeling great," Johnson said. "I run circles around the 20-year-olds that work for me."

Face the Music part two

Islands - "Return to the Sea"Islands is the resurrected project of former Unicorns Nick Diamonds and J'aime Tambeur, and it's full of all the...
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