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Online Special: On the Horizon…

Belle and Sebastian look to have a busy year planned. Along with gearing up for their longest-ever U.S. tour, the Glaswegian popsters look to release "The Life Pursuit" on Feb. 5 as their sixth full-length record. The lead-off single, "Funny Little Frog," nods to the band's acoustic popster past but also expounds on the formula with more elegant rhythms and hooks that sound straight out of the '70s. "Frog" plays to Belle and Sebastian's strengths, strong hooks and catchy melodies.Beth Orton, "Conceived," from "Comfort of Strangers"

Online Exclusive: Scrubs extended review

After a half-season hiatus, "Scrubs" is back on NBC for the 2006 season.So far, we've watched J.D., played by "Garden State" star Zach Braff,...

Online Exclusive: Dave Barry extended review

He's chronicled turning 40, lampooned Washington, turning 50, and even writing itself. Now, with "Dave Barry's Money Secrets," Dave Barry is back to spoof the world of money.Barry has never been one for subtle humor - which is immediately evidenced by the book's subtitle, "Like: Why Is There a Giant Eyeball on the Dollar?" - but his satirical take on American economics is razor sharp.

Men’s Basketball: Frogs looking to improve

Men's basketball head coach Neil Dougherty said he is hoping the Horned Frogs can reverse their season before it's too late."We're struggling with wins," Dougherty said, "but we're working hard to play better."

The Horned Frogs are 0-3 in conference play and 4-13 overall. Despite their losing record, Dougherty said, the point differential has been consistently small.

"The gap between winning and losing in a lot of our games is a thin one," Dougherty said. "For example, the New Mexico game was a two-point game."

SAE handles hazing problems, improves

After dealing with the fraternity's second hazing incident in two semesters, Sigma Alpha Epsilon president John Athon said he knew it was time for a change.The second incident involved SAE pledge trainers yelling at pledges during fall Recruitment, Athon said.

"It was a straw that broke the camel's back," Athon said. "It was time to fix the problem from a different direction."

At the time, Athon said SAE wasn't aware raising voices at pledges was considered hazing. Regardless, Athon said he did not approve of their actions.

Deferred recruitment unlikely

Gregory Weaver didn't plan to join a fraternity.In fact, Weaver was moving into Milton Daniel Hall before his freshman year when members of Pi Kappa Phi helped him carry boxes. He recognized most of them from orientation and Frog Camp, and before long, Weaver signed a bid to join Pi Kap.

"I decided that I only wanted a Pi Kap bid," Weaver said. "It became something I really wanted to do."

he said getting to know the Pi Kaps outside formal recruitment made him want to join.

Cross Country – Runner represents TCU in championships

Senior Kip Kangogo placed 33rd in the NCAA Cross Country Championships on Monday.The event, which was held at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, featured 31 men's and women's teams.

Wisconsin senior Simon Bairu won the event, leading the Wisconsin team to victory with three runners registering in the top 10.

Northern Arizona junior Johanna Nillson won the women's event with a time of 9:58.

Kangogo, who was awarded All-Region honors at the NCAA Cross Country South Central Regional Championships in Waco, was happy with the results.

Rapper restyles concert

Whether he's espousing his political beliefs on live television or tapping indie producers for his multi-platinum sophomore effort, Late Registration," Kanye West is shaking up the hip-hop world. Now he's shaking up the concert circuit as well.Rap concerts are usually a secondary concern for many artists, known for short sets and poor sound. For his "Touch the Sky" tour, West is trying to revamp the model.

Artist matures in life, album

Ben Folds is growing up, sort of.Since his days with the three-man Ben Folds Five, Folds married, had two children, took up photography as a hobby and released two rather mature solo albums.

Folds' latest record, "Songs For Silverman," finds the 39-year-old ivory-tickler much more selfless and composed than on past records.

At the album's release, Folds said in interviews he wanted to make his "grow a beard, lock myself in the studio and play for a couple weeks album."

Editor’s Brief

New positions for Image magazine and the Daily Skiff were named Friday.Senior news-editorial journalism major Courtney Reese was named editor in chief of the Skiff; senior advertising/public relations major Holly Johnson was named ad manager for the Skiff; and senior news-editorial journalism major Jenny Eure was named editor in chief of Image magazine.

"I want to make sure we continue to give them (the readers) what they want and need to hear," Eure said.

Johnson said she is excited about the semester ahead.

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