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Letters to the Editor

To all members of the TCU Horned Frog football team - congratulations. Despite my faith and confidence in each of you, the results of Saturday's game still amaze me. I know your hard work and diligence will continue to benefit you in the coming season. I look forward to watching you on the field.I've never been more proud to be a Horned Frog. In a stadium of 82,000, the TCU Fight Song and Riff Ram were heard over the chaos in Norman, Okla. Who knew that a mere 2,500 TCU fans could have such a strong presence?

SGA creating positive change for all students

As the fall semester begins, Student Government Association continues to manage progress and lead change.This past spring, SGA established the Activities Funding Board for the purpose of fairly allocating money to student organizations. As a result, requests for funds increased by more than 700 percent, and the AFB was able to distribute $7,700 more than last year.

The Board is preparing to distribute another $25,000 to student organizations for the spring 2006 semester, so don't miss the Sept. 26, 2005, deadline.

Plans extend beyond SGA to advising, funding

You elected five new student body officers on Nov. 9, 2004. Did you vote for them because they were your friends? Or did you vote for them because you believed in their campaign? I hope your reason was the latter.2005 is going to be a progressive and exciting year for the Student Government Association and TCU as a whole. We have hit the ground running with initiatives that will create tangible improvements for the whole student body.

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