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Guantanamo closure consistent with American cause

Just two days after taking office, President Barack Obama ordered the closing of Guantanamo Bay. The U.S. naval base in Cuba has been used...

Graduate school good choice in uncertain economy

After years of hard work in preparation for graduation and our entrance into the workforce, the economy has taken a turn for the worse....

Athlete’s personal life not newsworthy

Friday afternoon, I was sitting on my couch and catching up on the latest sports highlights from the week when I noticed a shocking...

Letter to the Editor: Death penalty morality not simple as ‘eye-for-an-eye’...

I recently came across a copy of the Oct. 26 issue of the Daily Skiff in which I read an article in the Opinion section titled "Death row inmates deserve harsher execution method."I enjoy taking the time to read the Skiff in between classes and catching up on my classmates' viewpoint on current affairs.

However, in this particular issue I was disappointed in the effort put forth by one of your writers.

I understand the nature of the opinion section of the paper, and I of course respect the writers who are willing to share their opinion to so many people.

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