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College in 550 words of 10-point body copy

As the days count down to graduation, I keep having the same thought.I'm not nearly mature enough to be graduating in less than a month.

And I'm sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way. I mean, I basically feel like I just got here, and now I'm being forced out the door.

So, I want to share all the knowledge that I've learned in my years here. I hope they'll help someone out there.

No. 1: When you're in orientation, don't sexually harass your OSA. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.

Commentary – No luck needed: Frogs belong in Mountain West

This season, everyone in the Mountain West Conference has been waiting for something. Something that everyone was sure would happen week after week. And the more weeks that passed, the more sure everyone became that it would eventually happen.But everyone is still waiting. TCU is still undefeated in the Mountain West.

And, even an SMU-like loss to lowly Nevada-Las Vegas can't take away the Frogs' conference championship.

I don't really have a problem with the original skepticism. TCU was coming off a subpar season and entering a much more competitive conference.

NFL vision could come true

As I watch the Horned Frog football team this season, I keep having the same vision.It's April 2007. I only know this because there's a huge "NFL Draft 2007" banner behind a huge podium.

I see a man at the podium announcing some team's pick in the early second round. I don't hear the name of the team or the player, but I distinctly hear the words "Texas Christian University."

And as a small contingent of Horned Frog fans fills the room with cheers, a familiar face walks on to the stage.

Cory Rodgers.

Frogs and Cowboys eerily similar thus far

Is it just me, or are there some similarities between our Horned Frogs and the Dallas Cowboys? Because I'm a pretty big fan of both those teams, and, lately, the games on Sundays have seemed eerily familiar to what I saw the afternoon before.Especially this past weekend.

TCU against Brigham Young and the Cowboys against the 49ers were basically the same game.

In both instances, it was one storied team I like playing another storied team on the road.

Football team needs another Browne

Football used to be so easy.You'd drive the ball inside the other team's territory, and you'd score one way or another. You'd either score a touchdown, or you'd settle for a field goal.

And now, I'd love to simply settle for a field goal.

If you're a junior or senior, you were spoiled from 2001 to 2003. Nick Browne held down the fort connecting on 65 field goals in his three years.

He holds 10 school records, including career field goals made, field goals made in a season and field goals made in a single game.

Saturday’s loss breathes new life into SMU rivalry

As I sat at Gerald J. Ford Stadium on Saturday night, it wasn't until the SMU section started chanting "Iron Skillet" that I remembered that it wasn't going to be an ordinary loss.We didn't just lose the game; we lost the Skillet too.

And for the first time in a long time, the Battle for the Iron Skillet mattered to me.

I guess the Skillet is just one of those things you don't miss until it's gone. Because TCU has won the "rivalry" game every year I've been here, and I never cared.

Football victory, experience memorable for students

Four Horned Frogs entered the town of Norman, Okla., and were swallowed into a sea of red. Everything in the town was full of Os and Us. OU stickers. OU car flags. OU banners. OU T-shirts. We were definitely in the enemy's den. We were definitely in Sooner country.You might not think there's a big difference in purple and red, but when 80,000 people are wearing crimson and cream, your purple shirt stands out.

As we walked from our car, a Sooner student informed us that we were about to have a bad day. Thankfully, he was wrong.

Give to hurricane victims, but don’t forget

Among all the heartbreaking stories unearthed by Hurricane Katrina, one man's tale summed it up for me. He's the personification of the hurricane as far as I'm concerned.Harvey Jackson and his family were waiting out the storm in Biloxi, Miss., when the hurricane split their house in two.

With Mother Nature's most powerful force, winds lifted his wife, Tonette, toward the heavens.

Katrina victim finds transfer worthwhile

I am a Dillard University Blue Devil at heart, but I can honestly say I feel totally isolated and abandoned by my school.Having experienced such a catastrophic event like Hurricane Katrina, I am reminded daily of the new direction my life is headed.

Dillard University is historically a black university that holds the reputation of providing a rich and cultural foundation for its students. The problem is that my fellow Blue Devils and I were left with no evacuation routes or options to further our education.

Leave the real games to the pros

This summer, I spent most of my time, like any other college guy on summer vacation, playing video games.And like any good sports nut, almost all of my games are sports games (specifically, EA Sports games).

First of all, I'm not technically obsessive-compulsive, but I do have a weird thing with sports video games. I can only play each game when their respective sport is in season.

I'm not sure if that's a wide-ranging problem among "sports gamers," but it's just a rule of mine.

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