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The Kicker

Sipping on his Frappuccino with tri-
ple whipped cream and cinnamon top-
ping he charmed out of the Starbucks
baristas, Drew Combs taps along to the
beat of the music in the bookstore café,
casually commenting that he should
have been a drummer.
Combs, born with a left arm that
ends below the elbow, is a kicker for
the Texas Christian University football
team. He earned the kickoff position
during the summer and was also the
backup field goal kicker this season.
Now, he has his sights set on the field

Violent online videos should be removed as entertainment

People can find a wide range of videos on Web sites, such as YouTube.

From choreographed wedding dances to the ranting of a woman over a divorce to the latest comedy bits, most of the videos are pretty harmless and entertaining.

However, some are not so funny.

With the craze of becoming famous in the online "ce-Web-rity" world, people have resorted to outrageous stunts to try to get attention. But the most horrifying trend that has appeared recently is videos of girls beating up each other.

Cities should follow Austin’s lead in helping homeless

Austin is taking care of its homeless, or at least trying to.Alan Graham, founder and president of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, wants to create...

Fall in young newspaper readers indicates move toward ignorance

I was appalled by a conversation I overheard in class Tuesday. Two women were discussing why one of them had the Wall Street Journal on her desk. She said it was for a class, and went on to complain about how ridiculous it was for her professor to expect students to read it every day. The other woman actually sounded relieved, saying how it would be weird if she read it on her own.

And this was even in a class required for journalism majors.

I was amazed.

Movie lines taken too seriously

Movies are meant to entertain.

That's the bottom line - the entire purpose of the industry.

With the Academy Awards on Sunday, movies are becoming a hot topic.

Who's been nominated? Who hasn't been nominated? Who will not be attending?

And apparently, who's been stirring up controversy?

"Juno," the movie that seems to be this year's "Little Miss Sunshine," was nominated for four Oscars, including best picture and best actress.

One quote from the movie, however, has incited people to criticize it.

Democratic president would lower pill prices

Imagine entering your favorite restaurant only to find that the prices of everything on the menu had doubled. Or tripled.

Instead of paying a $15 bill, you're now shelling out $30 or $40.

Are you going to keep eating there, paying the new ludicrous prices?

That's the problem many women are currently facing on college campuses.

Paying $50 a month.

Six hundred dollars a year.

For birth control.

China’s ‘one-child’ rule harmful, not helpful

China enacted a "one-child" policy in 1979 as a short-term solution to China's overpopulation problem. Chinese officials claim that it, along with other family planning laws, has prevented 400 million births.

But at what cost?

Perhaps the most problematic issue is the growing inequity of males to females. It was reported in a Reuter's article that there are about 118 boys born for every 100 girls in China, while in most Western countries there are about 105 or 106 males for every 100 females.

Early morning construction a disruption for students

To help create a living community at TCU, freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus, and more dorms have been built to accommodate them.

With more students living on campus and more students trying to get a good night's sleep, one would expect noise levels to not be a problem.

This is not so.

Students are consistently disturbed by yard work first thing in the morning on weekends and irritating sounds of drills and construction machines disrupt the usually silent nights.

How is a student supposed to get any sleep on campus?

Students paying too much for textbooks

Three hundred dollars, $700, $1,200.

Nope, not buying a laptop.

Just the cost of textbooks for a semester.

Each semester the prices for textbooks seem to increase, with students having to shell out extra hundreds of dollars on top of increasing tuition rates.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, textbook prices increased by 186 percent between December 1985 and December 2004, nearly tripling in price.

Facebook makes protesting more convenient for students

Eight hundred students at Middlebury College formed a group to protest the change of the school's seal.A Facebook group.

Students no longer need posters and signs to picket and rally against injustices. In fact, they don't even have to leave their desk chairs.

With one click of the mouse, they can join other students in the latest protest on campus, in the region, state or even the world.

All because of the wonders of a little Web site called Facebook.

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