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Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Diamonds are a grad’s best friend

Not all women who come to TCU are looking for a man who will plant a fat rock on their left hand come graduation. But those college relationships that do turn into marriages may end up better than some would like to believe.Media sources often repeat the statistic that claims half of all marriages end in divorce, and most divorces occur during the first seven years of marriages. It would seem like couples getting married right out of college are setting themselves up to crash and burn, right?

Moderation is key to fighting off weight gain

Ok. So eating back at school is quite a change from having mom serve up dinner every night at 6. Many students struggle with regulating what they eat when they're at school so as to not gain or lose too much weight while keeping up with their diet.Gaining weight in college is not a myth. According to a study conducted over several years at Tufts University, men gain an average of 6 pounds their first year of college while women gain on average 4.5 pounds.

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