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Dancers rehearse a dance senior Krista Jennings choreographed with a creativity...

Senior dance majors' last concert before graduation continues this weekend.Students from The School for Classical and Contemporary Dance are putting on the senior studios...

Gassed out

A broken gas line from a construction accident resulted in two separate evacuations from the Brown-Lupton Student Center and Reed Hall, and disrupted classes Wednesday.

Larry Markley, director of the Student Center, said he called the Physical Plant after staff members began to smell natural gas leaking into Suite 111 at the north end of the building.

"They (Physical Plant) came over and said that we needed to evacuate," Markley said. "It wasn't in the building, but some of the gas was leaking into the building."

Grant funds help student to choreograph concert

Visualizing their steps, seven dancers wait patiently for the music to start. Their choreographer watches in anticipation to see her routine brought to life.

Krista Jennings, a senior ballet/modern dance and writing major, is directing and producing her own dance concert, "Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other." Jennings said she was the recipient of one of 12 grants from the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Initiative.

Gallery displays artwork appearing stolen

Department store surveillance cameras were looking straight at her, and yet artist Ann Messner continued to put one T-shirt on after the other. Unbeknownst to other shoppers, Messner was performing for the cameras.

The TCU-owned Fort Worth Contemporary Arts' new exhibit titled "Lifting" is a show revolving around artwork that appears to be the product of theft. One of the pieces in the exhibit, Messner's 1978 short film, is about testing social boundaries within a German department store amidst a huge sale to see others' reactions.

Shakespearean classic to be performed for first time in 50 years

"To see or not to see," that is the question Theatre TCU is asking the community in its presentation of "Hamlet," the last show of the 2008 Main Stage season.

The show is the first Shakespearean play to be produced on campus in four years and will be performed in the original text, said Andrew Milbourn, who is playing Hamlet. The play would normally run more than four hours, but it has been cut down to save time, he said.

Annual jazz festival to feature ’50s vocal ensemble

This weekend, the past will meet the present in a concert by popular '50s vocal group The Four Freshmen during the 31st annual TCU...

Finalists selected for dean position

After six weeks of searching and interviewing, the College of Communication's dean-search committee has narrowed the field of more than 65 applicants down to four final candidates.

Provost Nowell Donovan announced Wednesday in an e-mail that the committee had selected Maria Marron of Central Michigan University, Howard Sypher of Purdue University, Judy VanSlyke Turk of Virginia Commonwealth University and David Whillock of TCU.

Celebrities to campaign for Obama on campus

Two Television stars will hit the campaign trail for Sen. Barack Obama on Friday in an effort to get students to the polls.

Sophia Bush of "One Tree Hill" and Adam Rodriguez of "CSI: Miami" will be on campus to support Obama's run for the presidency.

Debbie Mesloh, Dallas spokeswoman from the Obama campaign, said staffers contacted student coordinators from TCU Students for Barack Obama with an offer to have Bush and Rodriguez visit the campus.

Concert to benefit AIDS awareness

A few pirouettes and musical notes are not going to cure AIDS, but they can help raise money to help find a cure.

Chi Tau Epsilon, a national dance honor society, is hoping to fill seats for the TCU Arts Collaboration benefit concert for the AIDS Outreach Center on Thursday.

"It would be great to have people sitting on the floor, and to have to bring in extra chairs," said Natalie Bracken, junior ballet and political science major and co-chairwoman of the concert.

New satellite art gallery showcases non-traditional talent

Gone are the cubicle walls and linoleum flooring left over from a tanning salon. Instead, the scent of dried paint and open space remain...
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