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University prepared for IPv4 address shortage

The World Wide Web is running out of Web, but TCU should be spared from any future problems the change might bring.

Currently, every device connected to the Internet has its own unique code called an IP version 4 number, according to encyclopedia.com. The IPv4 numbers are scheduled to run out in the near future 8212; similar to a situation where a city would run out of phone numbers, according to a wallstreetjournal.com article.

Some news sources reported IPv4 addresses will run out in as little as six months, and others say it could be as long as 18 months.

Lady Frogs take on Utah Saturday

After a close win against BYU on Wednesday, the Lady Frogs hope to improve their conference record to 6-0 when they take on Utah Saturday night in Salt Lake City.

The Lady Frogs are currently in first place in the Mountain West Conference standings after a 54-51 victory over BYU.

The Lady Frogs are the only undefeated team left in the Mountain West Conference while also staying undefeated overall in 2011.

TCU also have the best overall record in the conference at 13-6.

Flu cases on the rise

The number of flu cases on campus has risen since before the break, but an official at the Brown-Lupton Health Center said students should not be overly alarmed.

"It is just the winter. People come back from Christmas break with the germs, and it spreads," Health Services Administrator Stacey Simpson said.

The Health Center will offer free flu vaccinations to all students until March, she said.

"Right now is when the flu peaks, and then it dies down around March when spring comes," Simpson said.

Flu cases on the rise

The number of flu cases on campus has risen, and the TCU Brown-Lupton Health Center is offering free flu vaccinations to all students.

Health Services Administrator Stacey Simpson said the increase of flu cases was not anything to worry about.

"It is just the winter. People come back from Christmas break with the germs, and it spreads." Simpson said.

Despite the fullness of the Health Center's waiting room, this year's flu season has been shaping up to be better than the 2009-2010 season, Simpson said.

Wisconsin mayor loses bet with Moncrief

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz of Madison, Wis., briefly exchanged his Badger red for Horned Frog purple after losing a bet he made with Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief.

Cieslewicz wore a TCU jersey and hat to the Madison Common Council meeting on Jan. 4.

"Sincere congratulations to TCU and our good friends in Fort Worth," Cieslewicz said at the meeting.

While congratulating the Frogs, he used air quotes as he described the "great victory" and the "beautiful purple ensemble" he was wearing.

Accuracy more important than apparent biases

A few members of the Texas State Board of Education believe that the history books in the Texas school systems have a pro-Islamic bias based on Middle Eastern countries investing in textbook publishing companies. The board wrote a proposal this summer that would send a message to the publishers, convincing them that if they want to continue selling books in the American school system, they must keep a balance between Christianity and Islam.

Social media threatens the college student’s most important resource

Sleep is such a glorious word. "Five more minutes!" is a familiar refrain on weekday mornings, especially when a pesky 8 a.m. class awaits. Sleep...

Firm parenting key to solving child obesity

Today's society is not as physically active as it once was because of the rise of sedentary activities and concerns about children's safety. One of the issues that has emerged out of this society is whether or not morbidly obese children should be removed from their parents' custody. Some medical and government officials believe that by removing these children their weight issue can be fixed in a timelier and more effective way. However, the parents are not the only ones responsible for the problem; taking children away would only make the problem worse.

Obama not worthy of Nobel Peace Prize

President Barack Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday. He won the award "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy...
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