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TCU endowment losses less than national average

In the wake of the global economic downturn many universities lost considerable value from their endowments and were forced to make budget cuts.

James Hille, the university's chief investment officer, said the average university endowment in North Texas fell 22 to 23 percent.

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, universities with an endowment value more than $1 billion lost an average 20 percent of the total value of their endowments. Harvard lost about 30 percent of the value of its endowment and was forced to make drastic budget cuts.

SGA creates fund for big concerts

Members of the Executive Cabinet celebrated Tuesday after the Student Government Association House of Student Representatives approved the budget for fiscal year 2009-2010, which created a special fund for concerts and performances.

The budget, which totaled $335,000 from student body fees, included $23,000 for the Big Concert Initiative. The initiative is what SGA has contributed to the pool of money to host a concert featuring a popular performing artists like Pat Green, Programming Council Chair Kennedy Stewart said.

Official challenges concealed-weapon bill before Texas House

A proposed bill that would allow students, faculty and staff to carry concealed firearms on campus is facing opposition from a university official who visited Austin to sway the Texas Legislature from passing the bill.

Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs, said he opposed the bill before the Public Safety Committee of the Texas House of Representatives on Monday. The bill needs 76 votes to pass, and as of Monday, there were 71 co-authors.

Mills said he cited four reasons for his opposition in front of the Public Safety Committee.

SGA approves fine for campaign violations

After nearly three hours of debate over the course of two meetings, the Student Government Association House of Student Representatives passed a bill that would require students running for office to pay a $100 deposit to cover election violation fines.

Joey Parr, chair of the Elections and Regulations Committee, said the bill was written in order to provide greater accountability among students running for office.

Moot court aims to train law enthusiasts

Aspiring law students and Constitution aficionados can try out to compete in a mock Supreme Court with the university's new moot court.Donald Jackson, professor...

SGA debates mechanism to collect fines

The Student Government Association House of Student Representatives debated a bill aimed at increasing the accountability of candidates running for office for more than an hour Tuesday night before deciding to table the bill to committees for clarification and consideration.

Joey Parr, chairman of the Elections and Regulations Committee, introduced the bill to alleviate the problems of collecting fines imposed against candidates that violate the election code.

SGA initiative brings in a thousand ideas

Live music, hotdogs and bright blue shirts. That was the setting at the second annual Improve TCU Day campaign Feb. 18.

Justin Brown, senior psychology major, chairman of the Student Relations Committee and coordinator of Improve TCU Day, said Student Government Association representatives received more than 1,000 ideas from students on potential ways to improve their college experience.

Students submitted suggestions in person to SGA representatives, who wore blue shirts, and also on the dialogue boards in the University Recreation Center and Market Square.

SGA approves support for campus LGBT community

The Student Government Association House of Student Representatives unanimously approved a resolution on Tuesday to support a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender resource center...

SGA should avoid Greek divisions in House, members say

Student Government Association representatives said there is a need to prevent voting blocs from forming in the House of Student Representatives given the strong presence of competing organizations in the House.

Joey Parr, chair of the Elections and Regulations Committee and member of Pi Kappa Phi, said the competition between Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Phi can sometimes bleed over into the House and influence voting on legislation. He said competition between the Pi Kaps and Sig Eps stems from the similarities between the two fraternities.

Veterans’ mental health merits attention from government

The U.S. government has spent trillions of dollars training and equipping servicemen and women to be instruments of war, but it spends only a...
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