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Politics, media distort Christianity

A tragic thing has happened in the last century of American Christianity. It has been hijacked. Not by slick televangelists, sex-abusing priests or careless...

Integration key to understanding

The struggle of blacks, for most of the past 400 years, has been for social equality.In "The Future of the Negro," Frederick Douglass wrote in 1884, "The tendency of the age is unification, not isolation; not to clans and class, but to human brotherhood."

Last week, I wrote to the whole student body about the necessity of integration at TCU. This week, I want to specifically encourage black students on campus to be proactive in expressing themselves to a largely ignorant campus.

Increased diversity beneficial to students

The college experience is supposed to be an eye-opening, perception-changing one.We leave the social upbringing of our youth to be exposed to a different...
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