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Homemaking concentration a step back for modern women

Do you remember middle school and how everyone was required to take home economics?Boys and girls alike crowded together in a classroom and learned about sewing on buttons, baking the perfect cookie and other trivial basics of domestic life.

At Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary one can revisit home economics with a 23-hour homemaking concentration with classes such as Homemaking Practicum, The Value of a Child, Clothing Construction Lab, Biblical Model for the Home and Family and Meal Preparation Lab.

There is one problem: it is only open to women.

Hamburger Heaven (part 1)

A vegetarian gives her two cents about the world of local hamburger restaurants to see if there is equality amongst burger connoisseurs.Charley's Old Fashioned...

Avoid freshman 15; try these healthy tips

It seems those dreaded words "the freshman 15" are on everyone's lips when they first start college. As a vegetarian and a fairly healthy eater, I found myself completely aghast when the "freshman 15" started creeping up on me during my first year of college. After re-examining my eating habits, I found that my healthy lifestyle had been corrupted by college food favorites - the cheap and easy kind. So here are some tips to eating healthy. First, stay away from the Main.

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