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Gentlemen turn into boys around other men

Why does it seem that all men, especially those in their teens and 20s, turn into rude, noisy, childish boys when they are with their friends?Is it all about the alpha male?

Where are the gentlemanly Rhett Butlers of "Gone with the Wind?" All I see are men who might have starred in "Jackass."

For the most part, men show no respect for women and their beauty. Instead of calling a woman "beautiful" or "stunning," they call her "hot" and then start discussions about how much they would like to get into her pants.

Service important for future

Student volunteering should be required. How many times this semester have you or one of your friends done something for either someone in the community or someone in need?

It's in TCU's mission statement: "To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community." What better way to follow through with this campus mission than to implement a way students can help their community?

Ballet just as tough, grueling as football; dancers deserve more respect,...

Most TCU students wouldn't think twice if they were deciding whether to attend a football game or a ballet performance. But they might make a different choice if they realized how similar the two really are.Both are physical, require excellent conditioning, teamwork and an extraordinary amount of time.

The mental preparation and physical training for a pas de deux - French for "step of two," a type of partnering ballet - is not that different from those of the quarterback and a receiver trying to complete a pass.

Nanny valuable profession; help rear future generation

I have two of the hardest jobs in the world. For one, I am a student trying to better myself by getting an education. For the other, I am a nanny.

That's right, a nanny. A there-when-the-baby-wakes-up, feeds-him, dresses-him and changes-poopy-diapers kind of nanny.

I believe it is an important job, and I make a difference.

I'm not trying to start an argument about whose job is most difficult. For example, many students who work long hours in restaurants could justify that their jobs are physically demanding and exhausting. And, that's true.

Class gets firsthand lesson in investing

A student-run financial fund began with a $600,000 donation, one professor and five students, and is now worth $1.5 million.The Educational Investment Fund is a class offered in the School of Business, which offers selected students the opportunity to administer and manage an equity portfolio for the William C. Conner Foundation.

Stanley Block, professor of finance, said around 18 students manage a portfolio for this private foundation and then provide returns to TCU and the Baylor School of Medicine, the foundation's two beneficiaries.

New dorms scheduled for fall 2007 completion

As soon as school ends May 12, groundbreaking will begin for the university's new $42 million residence halls. Architects for the projects were chosen in January 2005, and plans and revisions have been made since then to fit exactly what the campus needs, said Harold Leeman, Jr., associate director of major projects."The new residence halls will have a total of 625 rooms and two of the buildings are set to have loft space in the attic to accommodate 12 more rooms," Leeman said.

Day of Silence comes to campus

Members of the Gay Straight Alliance will be wearing gags and carrying bells without clappers, as well as carrying empty bags today as part of the National Day of Silence.National Day of Silence represents the silence faced by thousands of individuals throughout history who have been discriminated against based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, said Jessica Fleming, president of the GSA.

"This is a way of speaking out against the hate crimes that occur every day," Fleming said.

Standardized test scores remain admission factor

Although some universities have stopped considering standardized test scores as part of their admissions processes, TCU is not changing any time soon, said an admissions official.Wes Waggoner, director of freshman admissions, ensured that the university continues factoring ACT and SAT scores into admissions decisions.

Currently, there are no four-year universities in Texas that are doing away with the SAT and ACT scores, said Beth Hancock, a guidance counselor at Arlington High School.

Chain message packs campus e-mail inboxes

TCU inboxes were flooded with e-mails Tuesday in a comedy of errors that turned a small mix-up into a huge annoyance.Dave Edmondson, associate provost of information services, said the chain of e-mails began with a faculty member sending a message, and the problem was exacerbated when William Jackson, a junior psychology major, forwarded the e-mail.

"I was just trying to send it to a few friends because I thought that it was something interesting," Jackson said, "It is a huge accident."

Students practice German

"Guten Tag" was the phrase of the day here Saturday as more than 100 high school students studying German poured onto the TCU campus.Dallas/Fort Worth area high school students spent the day with about 40 TCU German minors, who served as hosts, speaking only German and learning all about the culture at "Deutscher Samstag" or "German Saturday," said Jeffrey Todd, associate professor of German.

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