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Officials: Varying explanations for extended college careers

Though most students go to college to get a degree and further their careers, some students seem to make a career out of going to college - but not on purpose.Chris McNabb, a fifth-year senior, said he would have liked to graduate in four years. He said he thinks the reason he has had to stay an extra year and has had to take more than 20 hours a semester the last two years is due to taking too much time picking a major.

Editor in chief offers advice upon departure

A young woman steps on the TCU campus for the first time as a high school grad and entering college freshman. She is nervous, but excited; scared, but thrilled; anxious, but ready.She is 1,200 miles from home, away from her familiar Minnesota territory - the one she grew up in. And the only person she knows is her roommate.

That young woman was me three and a half years ago. Now my college career is about to end, and I feel like I've matured quite a bit since freshman year.

Feeling pressures of college can can lead to other concerns

College is a time of change, choices and independence, and many students add one more thing to that list - stress.When students use all their time working on projects or tasks they are not passionate about and forget to take time out to focus on what they really care about, stress can become an issue, said Dr. Monica Kintigh, a licensed professional counselor at the TCU Mental Health Center.

"A lot of stress is created because our values and what we care about is not what we're spending our time on," Kintigh said.

Paper not a PR agent

Recently, members of the Student Government Association have levied charges that the Skiff does not adequately cover their organization, resulting in low voter turn out. As SGA representatives have defended their institution, we must address the level of coverage they have received this semester.Two reporters are assigned to SGA. They keep editors abreast of the happenings at meetings and write stories as needed.

Escort service: good intentions but has faults

Women live in a state of constant fear.We were taught to be fearful since the day we were born.

If I walk outside by myself at night, heaven forbid, my mom and friends freak out. They say I need to maintain the buddy system, or I just shouldn't go anywhere.

But who wants to stay indoors all day? I, for one, am not going to sit around and wait for some tough man to escort me to my car at midnight just because of a perceived potential danger.

It’s all about you

In the beginning of the semester, we, the staff at the Skiff, said we wanted to implement some changes to incorporate the reader more into the paper.We started an entertainment page focused on weekend highlights.

We are working on consistently publishing Campus Lines on Tuesdays to give an overview of the week's events and important information.

And now we want to hear from you.

Our new implementation is an occasional Readers' Corner on the Etc. page.

Hurricane Katrina is its own tragedy

We want to clarify our comments made about Hurricane Katrina in last week's Skiff View.We do not wish to take back our comments about the media using emotions to sell papers; rather, we'd like to explain what we meant.

We were not trying to downplay the effects of the hurricane when we said, "Katrina is a tragedy, but linking events to sell papers is an insult to the memory of those who died and an insult to all who read the news."

New year, new Skiff: We want your feedback

As soon as one school year ends, it seems, the next one begins.So here we are, preparing for the new semester (my last).

In front of the residence halls, refrigerator boxes have formed interesting sculptures on the freshly mowed lawn - kitty corner to the dumpster, might I add.

Parking is a fire hazard in itself, not to mention I couldn't afford the $75 parking permit if I wanted one.

To solve that problem, I've invested in running shoes; now all I'll need is a shower in the Moudy Building South. Oh how I'll glisten - and stink - in class.

Sports panel focuses on media influence

Reality TV is one of the most popular kinds of shows on television, but “the real reality TV is athletics,” NCAA President Myles Brand said Thursday at a panel discussion on sports ethics.

University to host forum for discussion of sports ethics

Welcome to reality. Welcome to the world of scandals and fraud. Welcome to the world of sports.

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