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Introspective of an iPod: Musical philosophy with John Harris

The intellectual journey of philosophy is definitely the road less traveled by TCU undergraduate students. Every year, the university awards degrees to a handful of...

“Jackass 3D” falls short of the original

For nearly a decade, the term "jackass" has been synonymous with the pop-culture phenomenon that depicts a band of reckless individuals who have disregarded the boundaries of physical and mental health for the sake of humor. In the process, they have provided viewers everywhere with hours of gut-wrenching laughter (along with the not uncommon squirm of disgust).

Having turned the comedy world upside down with their brand of idiotic, low-brow, yet entirely entertaining comedic style, the show has become immortalized as part of this generation's identity and sense of humor.

Che biopic depicts icon as flawed idealist

"HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE! (Always until Victory!)"

These are the infamous words of the iconic and divisive Ernesto "Che" Guevara, whose bearded facade is found on T-shirts, posters and various other memorabilia. To some people, he is a divine idol embodying the true revolutionary spirit, a man who became a martyr for the liberation of the repressed. To others, he is a reckless mass murderer with extremist beliefs whose arrogance led to ultimate disregard for human life.

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